REFLECTIONS: The Destructive Power of Alcohol

This will be the first article in a series of articles covering topics geared towards healing. Each one is written from a vantage point of personal reflection, research, experience and professional education. We all know it’s name. Many seek it out for comfort. It’s alluring face shows up everywhere, with the hidden agenda to dominateContinue reading “REFLECTIONS: The Destructive Power of Alcohol”

INTRO: When going inside is acceptable

What happens when we authentically do not like people? When we prefer solitude or very small circles as opposed to people, events and ‘trendy’ lifestyles? When we dislike idle chit chat about workouts, clothing, hair, nails, attire and gossip? When we wish the person in front in line would simply shut the EFF up? AlthoughContinue reading “INTRO: When going inside is acceptable”