Despondency Equals Weakness! Reclaim Your Strength.

Despondency and despair are simply extreme human weakness manifested in negative emotions. For the weak, the broken, the victim, the enabled…this is difficult to hear, but it is truth. Two individuals suffering the same trauma will have different outcomes, depending upon their inner value and strength. To be despondent, desperate or in despair makes littleContinue reading “Despondency Equals Weakness! Reclaim Your Strength.”

JUMP: Living a Life of Freedom

In September of 2018, my beloved made a random and brave decision. It was something he and I had touched upon as a couple over the past few years through discussion and a few ideas, but hadn’t really put any planning or deep thought into it. You see, we wanted to let go of soContinue reading “JUMP: Living a Life of Freedom”

ADDICTED to Toxicity

What Is TOXICITY….Really? When we get acid on our skin, it burns! We may experience redness, pain, inflammation and even destruction of the skin’s integrity. Some acid is so caustic, it will eat through flesh and bone, causing irreparable damage and much worse, death. Acid is toxic! By simple definition, toxic is really just thatContinue reading “ADDICTED to Toxicity”