Are YOU Capable? The Value of SELF-Care and Movement

How many folks are sitting out there right now with every INTENTION of getting healthy and fit? Maybe you are waiting for Monday to come around so you can start at the beginning of the week or maybe you have some family obligations that need to be dealt with first. Shift worker. Students. Nurses. Healthcare.Continue reading “Are YOU Capable? The Value of SELF-Care and Movement”

Is the FIGHT WORTH IT? How EXPECTATIONS can have soul-damaging consequences

I sat down this past week and truly reflected upon the current state of our existence and asked Is all of the anger really worth it? Is the screaming, destruction, blaming, looting, raping, burning and killing actually worth it? Does it some how solve the real issues or make it right or even balance outContinue reading “Is the FIGHT WORTH IT? How EXPECTATIONS can have soul-damaging consequences”

Off-Grid Lifestyle: The Frustration with Growing Food

We all see them, the amazing how-to videos and articles about how to garden, how to grow your own food and how to be self-sustaining. Each one set against a backdrop of lush greenery full of an abundance of fruits and vegetables. Bees and butterflies flowing from flower to flower, providing pollen for the perfectContinue reading “Off-Grid Lifestyle: The Frustration with Growing Food”