Pedophilia: Mental Illness vs Sexual Orientation

Pedophilia is not a lifestyle. It’s a dangerous mental illness, a sickness that has no treatment to date. It is a crime against humanity. Innocent children.

BLOG: Ignorance, Darkness and Human Trafficking: My take on Epstein

The truth is there. It’s woven into the fabric of everything. Our core. Our soul. Truth is what I set out to find years ago. It’s not always a comfortable discovery. It’s not always painless. It creates great conflict if your life is full of non-truth. However, it is truth and there can be noContinue reading “BLOG: Ignorance, Darkness and Human Trafficking: My take on Epstein”


It seems like the nation is divided on what defines sexual assault and what behaviors a victim ‘should’ have followed to prevent a violation! It is this division that is the reason we don’t come forward and allow ourselves to be disemboweled by societal judgment.