TIPTOE Through the Tulips of Other People’s Unhealed Wounds: Why This is Not Healthy for YOU

We are all here for a common thing…to access our personal truth and freedom. When we walk-in on eggshells to avoid upsetting others, we fail at fulfilling our journey!

Are You Living in Truth or Ego?

We want to share our perspectives or gain more knowledge but in reality, we are saying to the world that you are not enough and I am not enough each time we seek more!


It’s truth. Love is an often abused term that humanity uses to gain access to things. It’s a word of shame, guilt and even manipulation. It’s a word of expectation and outcome, fairy tales too! Cinderella and Snow White were saved by their Prince of ‘love’. Saved from the horrible abuse they had been sentencedContinue reading “To LOVE or LOVE UNCONDITIONALLY”