Resentment: Poison to the Soul

Resentment is a destructive force that not only hurts others but it burns down the beauty of all of life’s blossoms.

Pain IS Pain

I was once fallen. It doesn’t matter why. What I live for now is why I got up. I live life with great absolute intentions. I don’t care what discomfort comes with my intent because I was living in pain and living in the past. PAIN IS PAIN. Pain doesn’t distinguish which pain you’d ratherContinue reading “Pain IS Pain”

Despondency Equals Weakness! Reclaim Your Strength.

Despondency and despair are simply extreme human weakness manifested in negative emotions. For the weak, the broken, the victim, the enabled…this is difficult to hear, but it is truth. Two individuals suffering the same trauma will have different outcomes, depending upon their inner value and strength. To be despondent, desperate or in despair makes littleContinue reading “Despondency Equals Weakness! Reclaim Your Strength.”