Lifestyle: A Choice of Procedures, Pills and Disease

This is genuinely reflective of truth. Did you know that people actually CHOOSE surgery in an attempt to change who the ‘Great Creator’ made them to be? They opt for invasive, poisonous and destructive services as a means to alter themselves in some way; to change into someone they are not intended to be! Moreover,Continue reading “Lifestyle: A Choice of Procedures, Pills and Disease”

CALORIES: Do They Count

Let’s Talk Calories! Calories are ENERGY, which is the fuel found in food. Food being that which we place into our body via mouth and ingest. Calories allow us to move, perform, stay active and alert. Calories fuel our engine! Too few calories and we run out of gas. Too many, and we overflow, whichContinue reading “CALORIES: Do They Count”

Calcium: Do You REALLY Get It?

Drink your milk! It necessary for healthy bones and teeth. I think we’ve all heard this advice at one point or another in our lives. If you haven’t, consider yourself kind of lucky because it’s not even close to the reasons why we need calcium! Our bodies require calcium for: Muscle Contraction, which includes allContinue reading “Calcium: Do You REALLY Get It?”