JUMP: Living a Life of Freedom

In September of 2018, my beloved made a random and brave decision. It was something he and I had touched upon as a couple over the past few years through discussion and a few ideas, but hadn’t really put any planning or deep thought into it. You see, we wanted to let go of soContinue reading “JUMP: Living a Life of Freedom”

Seeing Life Through Everyone’s Eyes

Perspective is everything. It is literally the view you have of life. For some, it’s rigid and narrow. For others, it’s malleable and shifts depending upon a situation. Your perspective will not be the same as your husband’s, your friend’s, your child’s or even a stranger’s perspective. Yours is not RIGHT. Theirs is not WRONG.Continue reading “Seeing Life Through Everyone’s Eyes”


“Criticism is the only reliable form of autobiography”…how you criticize yourself and others is the OPEN BOOK to the very kind of person you are. Do you have a need to TELL others what they SHOULD have done or SHOULD do in a given situation? Do you have a need to TAKE OVER a situationContinue reading “STOP BEING SO CRITICAL”