EXPRESSION: It’s Beauty and Personal Freedom

Are you living a life of freedom? Express yourself and find the freedom you seek.

Off-Grid Transition: Selling off the gym

Part of heading into the wild is about being prepared. This not only relates to the having the essentials such as healthy drinking water, shelter from the elements, food, protection and hygiene, but also includes taking care of ‘urban’ life and the daily operations. For us, it included selling off our non-essential stuff. Warning: ifContinue reading “Off-Grid Transition: Selling off the gym”

NEW YEAR 2020: Stop Making Resolutions and Create True Change

At some point, you have to realize that making a NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION is pointless. When the negative effects of the past or the present last longer than the feeling of th resolution, or momentary inspiration, then you are destined for failure in acquiring what you feel you rightfully deserve. From personal experience, the bullshitContinue reading “NEW YEAR 2020: Stop Making Resolutions and Create True Change”