JUMP: Living a Life of Freedom

In September of 2018, my beloved made a random and brave decision. It was something he and I had touched upon as a couple over the past few years through discussion and a few ideas, but hadn’t really put any planning or deep thought into it. You see, we wanted to let go of soContinue reading “JUMP: Living a Life of Freedom”

BREAKING TRADITION: Thanksgiving adventures 2017 DAY 1

For many, breaking tradition seems an impossible chore.  Fears of judgment, missed interactions and resentment often surface at the thought.  Good or bad, tradition is the direct connection to our past. Meet two strong-minded individuals, both in a state of metamorphosis.  Our stories of adventure and success will be a reminder to all:      TheContinue reading “BREAKING TRADITION: Thanksgiving adventures 2017 DAY 1”