EXPRESSION: It’s Beauty and Personal Freedom

Are you living a life of freedom? Express yourself and find the freedom you seek.

Is the FIGHT WORTH IT? How EXPECTATIONS can have soul-damaging consequences

I sat down this past week and truly reflected upon the current state of our existence and asked Is all of the anger really worth it? Is the screaming, destruction, blaming, looting, raping, burning and killing actually worth it? Does it some how solve the real issues or make it right or even balance outContinue reading “Is the FIGHT WORTH IT? How EXPECTATIONS can have soul-damaging consequences”

Off-Grid Transition: Selling off the gym

Part of heading into the wild is about being prepared. This not only relates to the having the essentials such as healthy drinking water, shelter from the elements, food, protection and hygiene, but also includes taking care of ‘urban’ life and the daily operations. For us, it included selling off our non-essential stuff. Warning: ifContinue reading “Off-Grid Transition: Selling off the gym”