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Simple Birth Chart Reading: Because wellness is about mind, body and spirit, it is important to know who we are and who we were meant to be from birth. Many cultures still use birth charts today in order to arrange successful marriages and help children select appropriate careers for their personality. Birth charts are effective in understanding our own unique qualities and traits, areas needing work and unhealthy tendencies that have a potential to derail our dreams, cause us to engage in toxic relationships and create problems in our life and our future. They are also highly useful in helping with fitness, nutrition and relationship coaching.

The simple reading is a basic analysis of the areas that comprise over 70% of our personality and will help us address and acknowledge who we are, who we were meant to be and who we can become based on the top 5 planetary alignments at birth. The intermediate reading goes a little more in depth and includes a few of the basic areas and themes in our lives that we need to work on. A full reading includes all planetary areas of the birth chart, as well as houses, karmic healing, shadow work, elements and masculine/feminine energies.

DISCLAIMER: Birth charts are NOT intended to be use to make decisions in our lives, including financial, marital, educational, relationship, medical or any other aspect. They are for entertainment purposes and serve to help us better understand who we are. Anyone who operates from a closed or judgmental mind may have a challenging time understanding the value of a birth chart.


-Month, day, year and exact time of birth for each person

-Location (city, state, county and country) of birth for each person

-Gender at birth for each person

Cost: $25 for simple reading (2 day turnaround). $75 for intermediate reading (5 day turnaround). $100 for FULL reading (5-7 day turnaround). RELATIONSHIP Birth Chart / compatibility chart available at $40, $90 and $120.

Nutrition Relationship Coaching: This is an ongoing month-to-month nutrition service designed to reignite our love for food while focusing on MODERATION. This is NOT a meal plan program crammed full of restrictions, lists and limitations. If you are someone who has suffered a long-term toxic relationship with food, including experiences like food obsession, having been shamed or made fun of by family/friends/coaches for your food choices, stressing or cancelling events because they didn’t have “clean” options, sneaking food, binge eating or totally checking out from life and your coach because you haven’t been eating right, then THIS PROGRAM IS FOR YOU!


-A willingness to consider reprogramming your toxic relationship with food into something beautiful.

Cost: $50 a month (3 month minimum). Discount available if you are already a client.

Total Body Transformation 90-Day Program: This program is NOT for the faint of heart, those new to fitness or those who are looking for a quick fix. If you are someone WHO IS READY and WILLING to make the changes in your life necessary to BECOME THE FITTEST, LEANEST AND STRONGEST you have ever been, THIS PROGRAM IS FOR YOU!


-Intermediate fitness level (works out regularly) or Beginners who are 100% ready for change.

-Knowledge and capable of basic movements such as a body-weight squat, pull up (even if band-assisted), sit-up and some strength training experience with either dumbbells, kettlebells or barbells.

-Home gym or other gym access with basic training equipment such as a barbell/plates, several pairs of dumbbells and/or kettlebells, resistance bands, box/bench and pull up bar. Barbell rack is optimal but not required.

-Ready and willing to become lean, strong and fit (or take it to the next level of fitness).

-Open-minded and ready for nutritional shifts and strategies (no rigid meal plans, but results are based on nutritional lifestyle as well as physical training).

-A 90-day commitment to yourself and to me as your guide and coach.

-A “no excuses” mindset.

Cost: Message me for pricing at We can discuss payment options and cost at that time.

Please message us at the email address above should you have any questions.

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