Custom Workout Plan

Our customized workout plan is an option for those who have fitness goals, but don’t have much time in their daily schedule to deal with ‘The Gym”.

These workouts can be done at home, in a private fitness facility or in any location that has enough space to fit your body.

They are adaptable to fit almost any situation, ranging from little or no equipment to a fully functional home gym.

Examples of equipment our clients use from home:




Resistance bands

Medicine/slam balls

Balance balls

Punching bag

Ab mats

Pull up bars

Homemade items such as gallon jugs filled with sand, slosh pipes, saw horses, furniture movers

Body weight (which we personally believe will get you stronger than ever!)

The plan includes 3 customized workouts each week (12 total workouts), geared towards your unique goals and circumstances, and emailed directly to you every week.

Cardiovascular conditioning, targeted booty, arm and abdominal work, total body conditioning, strength development, mobility and fat-burning are just a few goals we’ve seen in our custom workout plan clients.

Our clients feel EMPOWERED to adapt the movements and structure to fit their day or shifts in their body or schedule.

At 50 years old, I am now able to out-perform the younger guys in their 20s! They can hardly keep up with me! -SJ

Moreover, they actually enjoy their workouts!

Boxing bliss was lovely!! Kicks helped work out my still sore hip flexors and was just a nice quick workout! -BF

We specialize in keeping you fit and moving, improving your normal routines and lifestyle.

Workouts have been good. I have been completing 4-5 days of exercise a week.  -IM

Our clients continue to live a fully functional life through limited schedules, little to no equipment, autoimmune disorders, pregnancy, injury, surgery, menopause and every other obstacle imaginable!

I am able to perform activities and do the hard labor I’ve always done, but now, I don’t get winded or sore like I have in the past! Your plan is working! I feel great. -KC

We also specialize in training targeted to the NORMAL individual who is simply wanting to look better, feel better and get stronger.

My energy and mood have already improved and I have been sleeping so good! -AA

The cost for this SIMPLE and EASY TO FOLLOW plan is $35 per month, with the first week emailed directly to you on Sunday evening prior to the applicable week. See all prices here!

If you are looking for MAGIC RESULTS overnight that require you to commit long hours to your training in order for you to lose weight in NO TIME or get SHREDDED, you might want to search elsewhere.

However, if you are looking for an effective plan geared to REAL PEOPLE with REAL LIVES and REAL SCHEDULES, can email us at:

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