No Drama DIY Health and Beauty: Face Wash

I’m a face washing fool! I’ve held a steady commitment to my twice per day routine, once in the morning and once at night, for about 40 years. I make it a part of my hygiene to remove my makeup before bed and cleanse prior to putting on my morning face! Seriously, next to showeringContinue reading “No Drama DIY Health and Beauty: Face Wash”

Attachment: Is It Time To Wean?

Do you have anxiety about a specific situation in your life? Are you fearful of losing something like your job, your spouse, your business, or your home? Do you dread your children growing up and moving away? Are you emotionally consumed with memories and tears over how something use to be or a home youContinue reading “Attachment: Is It Time To Wean?”

Injury: Failure to Pay Attention

I cannot speak of the countless times out of shape individuals walk through my door looking for a quick fix of some caliber. They all have a certain ‘greasy’ sheen of light surrounding them similar to an alcoholic’s body odor. ‘I use to be a football player (lifter…enter high school sport here) and I useContinue reading “Injury: Failure to Pay Attention”