BALANCE: Why the Toxic Masculine Dominates the Energy of the Planet

Toxic masculinity is in abundance these days. It is leading the decisions and behaviors of every community and every nation. It is present in marriages, partnerships, educational experiences, work relations and even in the wellness community. It’s obsessive. It’s perfection. It’s black and white. It’s unemotional. It’s without compassion. It’s betrayal. It’s addiction. It’s powerContinue reading “BALANCE: Why the Toxic Masculine Dominates the Energy of the Planet”

The Worst Divorce in History

Yesterday, I met an individual whom I found rather interesting. Conflicting, really. As he approached me, I felt an energy of insecurity; a fake genuosity intertwined with a deeper awareness absent in most humans. However, I also felt a dark and heavy cloud of sadness, as if he were wandering lost in a scary andContinue reading “The Worst Divorce in History”