Women’s Wellness

Welcome to The Koru Wellness Forum for Women!

We are a group about women supported by women and men who believe in advocating for women’s wellness:  Mind, Body and Spirit.  Here, the focus is on issues plaguing women in a variety of compartmental areas.  Women are the sum of all parts and reflect the inner beauty they possess as it is nurtured through total wellness.

Nutrition, fitness, emotional/physical health and inner peace are the focal points for the wellness forum.

Whether it is trying to find someone to whom we can relate, information gathering to assist us in our unique journey or actively seeking wellness coaching and advice, The Koru Wellness Forum for Women can help support you.

WE STRIVE FOR POSITIVE VIBES through a network of positive energy.  Please be mindful of any comments or feedback not reflected with honest and kind deliverance.

The Koru is a spiral design that is symbolic of the unfurling of a new fern frond and means new growth, new life, transformation, rejuvenation, peace and strength.  It is one of many rich symbols shared by the Maori culture of New Zealand, a culture whose beliefs stem from a strong spirituality, a connection to astronomy and the belief that nature is our foundation. Their symbols and beliefs are shared from Hawaii to New Zealand and include the TIKI, the FISH HOOK and the TWIST.

It is in this symbol where we will find the strength and peace to move forward, with every day being an opportunity for a fresh start.

Women should be encouraged and uplifted to develop their unique speed, strength, sensitivities and roots that connect them to nature.

Today is a fresh start!