Personal Trainer. Powerlifter.  Kettlebeller.  Writer.  Coach.  Goddess.

Nikki is a certified personal trainer, master health, wellness, and fitness coach specializing in women’s wellness.  Her focus on mind, body and soul in conjunction with the heart, continues to help women transform into the authentic and individual royalty they are intended to be.

As a young mother at 21 years old, she made life choices that helped with her own transformation and growth towards loving herself fully and unconditionally. In everything she has accomplished as a woman, military veteran, medical professional, graduate student, athlete, writer and business owner, she has often followed the beat of her own drum in all she pursues and is often labeled as a hippie, soul and earth mother and warrior by those who know her well.

She is the Viking Goddess Warrior!

Nikki obtained her undergraduate degree from a private Baptist university and her MBA from one of the first Catholic Women’s colleges in the United States.  Since her collegiate endeavors, she has successfully earned black belts in two separate disciplines and holds a Level 4 in Krav Maga. Her martial arts skills have been tested in the ring a time or two.

Credentials include: StrongFirst SFG 1 Kettlebell Instructor, Master Health and Wellness Coach, CrossFit Level 1 Trainer, Core Development Coach, Women’s and Children’s Self-Defense Instructor, Group Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer.  She holds CEUs in Personal Training, Yoga, Sports Injury, First Aid, Nutrition, Boxing, Martial Arts and Kickboxing.

Her healing experiences began in early childhood due to emotional traumas resulting from abandonment and nearly a decade of sexual abuse by a male guardian. For twenty years, she suffered a secret eating disorder as a result of the abuse and abandonment, creating severe body issues and a negative relationship with herself.  She lived out a pattern of abusive, physically violent and highly toxic relationships, dealing with other’s addictions, their control issues and all the way to tolerating and enduring rage and physical violence. These toxic patterns caused her to run away from necessary healing instead of facing her fears and the responsibility of her own choices.

After giving up a child for adoption due to a toxic marriage, her own patterns led her down a dark path and she became unknowingly involved in a sex cult.  Following her enabling a neglectful marriage and his addictions to alcohol and pornography, and then into a violent relationship that almost ended with her losing her life, she landed upright, alone and starting over.

She had nowhere to go but within herself.

Only then did she seem to be at the lowest level of self-love, self-respect and self-esteem

Although fitness and nutrition was a governing energy throughout her life, she was far from a state of wellness.  It was here she began applying the coaching skills she had learned towards her own journey.

A journey of healing!

Her physical strength from coaching kettlebell, barbell, functional fitness, bootcamp, heavy bag, along with her sound nutritional foundation served as the impetus for survival and gave her the determination to heal herself.

Through the participation in physical training, attending seminars and webinars related to wellness, nutrition, women’s empowerment, coaching women who were struggling with loving themselves and educating herself, she was able to find clarity and discover her own path as a healer and focus on her own wellness.

It is Nikki’s experience with her own healing, and fearlessly teaching herself and others to send our roots deep within ourselves, having confidence in our own choices from this VERY moment forward that we begin to learn how to LOVE our true selves unconditionally, both who we ARE and who WE DESIRE TO BECOME.

This unconditional love helps us recenter ourselves, allowing us to release attachments to materialism, the past, people, expectations and the judgments of ourselves and of others.

Once we love ourselves fully and practice self-love daily, then the love of life, our kids, our family and our own circles become free-flowing, like the most beautiful and powerful of rivers.

Each of us is a creation based on genetics, yet beautifully forged through life experience, growth and understanding.  We hold the power within to enact change and become the goddess we desire to be.


Climber. Hiker.  Coach.  Awake.  Truth.

Albert is a certified kettlebell coach and a men’s wellness, nutrition and strength trainer. He holds a StrongFirst SFG 1 training, as well as being a NESTA Certified Kettlebell coach. He is also a successful entrepreneur of over 20 years and an event organizer, operating multiple business endeavors and events for nearly 30 years.

As a lone-wolf, he fought for all that he owns and defied the odds by simply ‘jumping’ when faced with a possible decision that might better serve his future.

His journey began in his early twenties, when he realized he held within himself his own power and a definitive responsibility over his health and wellness.  With the guidance of several holistic physicians and healers, he was able to visualize his own path to personal freedom and becoming the healthiest man he could be.

He studied holistic medicine and cultural healing practices in an effort to better understand his own responsibility towards his health and the health and physical wellness of others, even though he did not always apply his knowledge to his own lifestyle.

Following a childhood of physical abuse, erratic behaviors, toxic relationship patterns and first marriage and harsh belief systems, generating unhealthy coping skills as a means to adapt, he found himself in a medically volatile situation that required emergency surgery.  The medical advice he received following his surgical procedure seemed confusing to his well-being and was the impetus for transforming his own health as he began researching, educating himself fully and applying his holistic knowledge to himself and his healing.

Over the next few years, he realized his role in life far exceeded a life of status, materialism and the adaptation to the expectations of others with whom he no longer fit. He began his own journey by fully waking up and becoming aware of the things he could change, instantly making shifts in his life!

He conquered his addiction to alcohol, which allowed him to further expand his future and opened his heart to self-healing, self-love and the alignment of his own path for spiritual, emotional and physical growth.

Albert is truly a man’s man!  He will tell you how it is from a space of truth and fully understands the unique situations plaguing today’s men in terms of masculinity, success, honesty and integrity. He has conquered the adversary on his own and holds the wisdom and knowledge to help other men who are ready for battle to do the same.



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