BREAKING TRADITION: The Rest of the Story Thanksgiving 2017

Working effortlessly to divorce from the traditions of mankind, returning to the healing traditions of the planet.

BRAIN POWER: The Heart of the Matter

I am tired, even exhausted listening to ‘degreed’ or well-intentioned individuals speak these words:   JUST USE YOUR HEAD!   We hear parents and teachers serve as purveyors of such false wisdom, imparting their unknowingly erroneous beliefs on our upcoming generations. But did you know the brain in our skull is NOT the most valuedContinue reading “BRAIN POWER: The Heart of the Matter”

SEXUAL HARASSMENT: When is it not?

The term “sexual harassment” is popping up all over the front page media outlets, bringing to the surface an age-old issue regarding the maltreatment of women as a gender. Under the recent headlines regarding Weinstein, Frank, Rose, Ratner, Louis C.K., Lasseter, Lauer, Huff, Moore and countless other males, and possibly females, a common thread ofContinue reading “SEXUAL HARASSMENT: When is it not?”