The Rescue: When HELPING is Actually HURTING

Overcoming the innate need to save the world isn’t an easy task. Society lifts up those who “help”, regardless of the sacrifices involved. Here is a layman’s perspective on saving ourselves.

PMS??? The UN-Gendered Truth about Moodiness

I’m going to jump right in on this one.  I’ve watched too many ‘moody’ people in my life create situations forcing me into silence or conflict because ‘they’ were triggered into a mood swing. Women are often  targeted as being ‘TOO’ of so many things, having negative labels attached to them anytime they speak upContinue reading “PMS??? The UN-Gendered Truth about Moodiness”

HUMOR: The “not so funny” side

Humor is the spice of life! Where would we be without a good laugh every now and then, right? Both mental health and medical professionals prescribe it for health issues, families use it to lighten the mood of conflict and even babies naturally engage in it over the most simplistic encounters. Personally, I love aContinue reading “HUMOR: The “not so funny” side”