Last night, I hit the bed exhausted. I had overcome yet another rough week full of adaptations, learning curves, self-healing and labor. I took a few unwarranted ass chewings, dealt with some stress and broke down a few times. I am NOT a morning person, however, I love my morning self time…when I awaken atContinue reading “REFLECTIONS: The ENERGY of YOUR TRIBE”

The Argumentative Personality

Originally posted on Health Psychology Consultancy:
The Argumentative Personality I have been writing a personality column for Natural Health, where each month I provide some insight into different personalities. Here is some insight into The Argumentative Personality. Does this sound like anyone you know?   Do you feel like some people you know enjoy arguing just for the sake…

REFLECTIONS: It’s the Way it Made Me FEEL

I have been in deep reflection all week! I’ve been searching for answers and explanations to my own confusion, as well as opportunities for deeper healing and growth. I don’t typically write on topics that are specifically self-directed, but tonight, it might be about me and only me! I had a huge falling out withContinue reading “REFLECTIONS: It’s the Way it Made Me FEEL”