TIPTOE Through the Tulips of Other People’s Unhealed Wounds: Why This is Not Healthy for YOU

We have all been there! That moment when we are face to face with avoiding saying something that is real and part of our feelings in order to NOT upset or hurt another person. This is especially true when we are completely sidestepping our path, our joy and our honesty because someone else might hear or read our words.

So let’s talk about walking on EGGSHELLS around people! Let’s ask the questions when we begin taking a delicate, even dishonest stance to avoid someone else getting upset:

  1. Is this healthy for us?
  2. Is this creating personal freedom for us?
  3. Are we genuinely being true to yourself?

The answer is NO! This not a healthy choice for us as humans because end up lying to others and to ourselves by avoiding what we really need and want to say! We silence our voices and our expressions out of fear of upsetting another, pushing more down into our repressed jar of fear, worry and anxiety. This builds up very unhealthy blockages and generates greater harm to both ourselves and the other because we are being dishonest.

The absolute truth and one of the VERY reasons I temporarily stopped writing for a while was directly related to the TINY percentage of those humans who were ABLE to read my articles and pieces but always had a negative response to them. It was as if they read something that had nothing to do with them and had to input their beliefs because they were:

  • Butt hurt
  • Offended by words
  • Triggered by words
  • Overtly in disagreement
  • Using emotional blackmail
  • Shaming

I found that if I did not sidestep my own truth, personal views and neutralize my words, someone would get their feelings hurt and make some comment that was reflective of the above responses. I had family who worked so hard to tell me HOW I SHOULD express, they simply clipped me out of their life because I didn’t respond. I had folks who would private message me and try to use the word ‘disappointment in me’ to describe how they ‘felt’ about my expression.

Like an authority figure reprimanding a child for breaking their favorite serving dish!

It was over the course of 2020 to 2022 that I altered my writing so I didn’t offend some psychotic drug addict who lied about her addiction or some overly sensitive and highly controlling individual who didn’t like what she read or someone who felt they needed to tell me I SHOULDN’T say certain or write so long!

I had begun to self-reflect a little more and felt I had to find a way to soften my edges of truth so the weak, vulnerable and unhealed could digest it. I had begun to allow other’s judgmental comments about their perspective influence my own truth.

What would _______________think if they read that! <gasp>

Straight from the mouth of some

I worried about responding ‘neutrally’ because someone was T R I G G E R E D by MY WORDS. I started to second guess me and my truth because a few began to feel their own insecurities and deep wounds that I happen to touch upon!

Don’t get me wrong, I have yet to point a finger at any ONE person in my life for being:

-Attached to negative emotion
-Stuck in an emotion
-Being worrisome, fearful and full of anger
-Self loathing
-Manipulative to me or my spouse
-Underhanded sleeze (trust me, there are a few of you who are absolutely weak, evil whores ⚔️ who believe their words are going to control me or my relationships, choices or actions)
-Evil (except the one Chinese medicine woman in the mountains…she was an EVIL MANIPULATIVE UNDERHANDED NARCISSISTIC DRUG ADDICTED FAKE ANGRY WHORE by factual definition)

So if someone is triggered by my writings, I’m always grateful for providing the IMPETUS for their SOUL to SHINE LIGHT upon THEIR OWN DEFICIENCIES, ISSUES and areas needing HEALING. ⭐️⭐️⭐️

While a HEALED or HEALING person, a stable person, a person who lives in unconditional love and respect of all may or may not agree with something I say, they would absolutely move on without a need to comment or argue or defend or shame. They may even be able to look inside themselves and ask WHY did her words cause me to get upset or feel I had to have input?

The triggered individual who is stuck in some healing vortex will defend their beliefs, practices and perspectives ….to the bitter end. By definition, this is the fanatic.

A person living their best life, no matter what it looks like, would be unscathed by words. They would have no comment. No defense. No opinion. No need to ‘just put out their side’. They know their their truth. When they speak, they are fully confident in their perspective. They don’t speak unless it’s appropriate for them and they certainly don’t speak in an effort to minimize another or tell another how they ‘should’ have spoken!

A person who might be on a path to healing certain areas of their life might offer a differing perspective at times if the situation asked for it, but they would not directly challenge you or act like a ‘titty baby’ over the use of a word, or if you were being funny and just being WHO YOU ARE!

On a side note, this cancel culture, woke energy that is being put out as a means to TELL people HOW they SHOULD talk is just ridiculous! It’s not healing anything that needs healing and is genuinely causing great division! I’ve had to release some spiritual mentors from my energy field because they have been sucked into this culture of requiring certain populations to ‘atone’ for some happening of the past or who have begun to uplift onto a pedestal the toxic over expressions of the wounded hearts of mankind!

It’s never ok to metaphorically or physically set to fire anything, or take with it asking, or rally to tear down…. except your own things. But the hybrid culture developing is creating a vortex of anger and a rage so great, it’s becoming a serious problem in that it is consuming of so many and contradictory of the spiritual teachings affiliated with the aligned.

I cannot even fit into a novel the number of times I have triggered some emotionally weakened individual by using simple words like ADDICTION or VANITY!

This is reflective OF THE UNHEALED.

I’ve even had people feel a need to share with me their contrary perspective and use words like ‘I’m disappointed in you’ or other outreach in an attempt to MANIPULATE my words, behavior or actions. But what I know is when they use that word towards me for something, they are TRYING to CONTROL MY TRUTH and PERSONAL FREEDOM!

It’s that simple. It’s not personal or about them at all, except with the ‘evil mountain whore’, but I’m working on fully healing that crazy trauma and have come so far because I can now look at her with a compassion instead of absolute disgust and appreciate her for the lesson she taught me, like wholly shit, evil spiritual leaders and evil healers DO EXIST 😂⚔️🤷🏾‍♂️!!!

I have found that in my writing, I have the SKlLL of causing humans to reflect upon themselves. Some who are genuinely healing reflect to the light.

Those who are controlling, manipulative, angry, hateful and narcissistic humans will often come at me with their feelings to try and ‘shame’ me for my words.

Many of these individuals do NOTHING to support me or my spouse in my LIFE! They have no direct impact. They could be casually related, or even family of someone directly linked to my spouse. It’s literally mind boggling that people who have ZERO weight in my PRESENT feel they have ANY impact on my EXPRESSION! That’s the crazy shit of this planet!

They have some superfluous opinion about what triggers them and they feel a need to say something conflicting to me.

This trigger is honestly how the universe and her divine intervention works….I speak glorious personal truth and if someone doesn’t like it, that’s OK, but if they even for a second try to shame me by using their OWN emotional attachments, I don’t break.

I observe.

I then write MORE about it because it’s an excellent to way to allow the universe to CLEAR out the rubbish on YOUR path!

I will NO LONGER succumb to another’s emotional attachments and their traumas as a need to ‘tone it down’ or to soften my approach, or even walk on eggshells and input neutrality so as not to offend the 1%! I no longer CARE about the triggered responses of your unhealed traumas and feelings as they rate to MY expression!

I have a following of 99% who are beautiful beings in my life and who thrive on my teachings, my experiences, my sharing and my perspectives.

I don’t crumble to a broken, weak, toxic, addicted energy….because I operate under the energy “to thine own self be TRUE”.

Words spoken to me by a 30+ year clean drug addict who hurt many in her life with her toxic behaviors. An elder with wisdom and who helped me understand what I needed to do as the ‘victim’ of someone who was a toxic, abusive and dangerous addict!

I will say….

If my words trigger you, look inside. You don’t have to speak your combative or emotional disagreement. I really do not concern myself with your perspective and if that bothers you, 🤷🏾‍♂️ remove yourself from my space instead of SHOWING ME and the WORLD your own deep wounds and addictions.

Perspectives are one thing. Shaming, agreeing to disagree, emotional attachments due to your own triggers and others, those are valid on your own path. Not mine! Take them home and stay in your lane.

I know the way of the universe and I know my gifts. I cannot be shifted in this knowing. I will continue to speak and STAND in divine warrior power…..EVEN IF YOU DON’T LIKE IT!

It’s a Viking’s code….to take a STAND and AlWAYS leave your MARK!

If I can unintentionally trigger anyone into defense, whether I’m playing or being serious, I have definitely shown my power and have left my mark!

*Definition of whore for the context of this article because there are ‘titty babies’: an unscrupulous individual who would give their life for sex, vanity, materialism, status and money. Someone who justifies their ‘flirting’ or obsession with another person or belief system or need for power in an underhanded or deceitful manner.

Many moments of empowerment and healing to all who read my works! I am full of gratitude in helping you on your journey!

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Our passion is men's, women's and couple's wellness, from being strong and independent to conquering the roadblocks that hinder valuable goals. We are here for those who are READY for CHANGE, who are WILLING to make CHANGE and who are seeking support and guidance on their journey. As a couple, we have quickly grown into a powerful team, the Viking and the Apache, helping men and women discover their own strengths, heal themselves and bring light (knowledge) into the world. It is our mission to help others reclaim their power, integrity and truth so they can heal the world!

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