Are You Living in Truth or Ego?

This morning I choose to write about truth.

Truth is not the same as KNOWING something or KNOWLEDGE acquired. You can KNOW stuff and share stuff that is a LIE. Truth is not simple honesty, for you can be committed and honesty to something that is false, harmful and even caustic to your soul.

Humans get these two mixed up. They THINK with their mind, which is driven by EGO. Then they FEEL they need to tell you what they KNOW or share their knowing or thoughts with YOU. Just as I am doing here of sorts.

Knowledge comes from:

Internet sources (legit and not)
Other people
Podcasts and more!

Knowing is 100% mental. It’s the LIES of this planet seeking to fill in the gaps of what YOU or others do not understand.

Knowing or knowledge is when YOU offer your perspective or story to others with an expectation of a response, an outcome, validation, sympathy or as a means to offer their opinion, perspective or advice.

Please note that genuine guides and healers on this planet, whether they help with the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual energies; the ones who genuinely and authentically help heal the misguided or wounded are NOT sharing knowledge.

They are simply holding space for others to find their own path to truth. They do not give you advice or provide direct instructions on how you should do things. They do not have specific medicines or items in their treasure box to fit your needs.

An individual with advice or with a need to share their knowledge with others is not in truth. An individual who must ask for another’s opinion, seeking validation is not yet in truth. A person who sends you a text message or a message ‘telling’ you what they ‘think’ is sharing their knowledge about you or your situation, they are not sharing truth.

Knowledge is a lie. It is a coverup for truth. Your truth.

The mind seeks out knowledge for what it does not understand. It seeks knowledge to validate itself and to fill in the gaps to create stories for situations and things it does not understand.

This happens automatically and is a habit most people choose to be a part of.

Your mind requires validation so that it FEELS like it KNOWS what’s happening, what’s going on, what others are experiencing or what others need to hear. The mind seeks to be involved with others as if it has the answers to another’s perceived situation.

Your mind is EGO.

EGO thrives in being imbalanced and in control. EGO wants to KNOW everything! It wants to tell others what it THINKS. It seeks to KNOW and be in the KNOW.

The out of balance EGO can only do this to another out of balance EGO. In fact, a person who lives in EGO and offers advice and knowledge to a specific group or person will be successful in transferring their lies only if the recipient is in an out of balance ego state as well.

A person who isolates an individual to tell them their perspective, belief and provide them with information is actually spreading LIES from the EGO. Moreover, if the recipient of the information is WEAK or lives on the other side of the EGOTISTICAL spectrum, operating in fear or lacking in self-esteem and lacking in self-confidence, requiring validation or seeking knowledge themselves, they will sponge up the information and knowledge (lies) because they want answers.

Any answers, albeit from an area in which they are experts or from any source at all, are lies because they only apply to the imbalanced EGO.

The imbalanced ego seeks to tell others what they think about a situation or share their beliefs. The imbalanced ego on the opposite side will sponge this information up and willingly take the knowledge as truth. It is not truth.

A healthy ego will read, listen, respond with wisdom and move on. It doesn’t need to share its knowledge with a specific target and it certainly doesn’t require someone else’s knowledge. A healthy ego KNOWS.

The MIND does not have the capacity for truth. It (ego) seeks knowledge, words, information and specific ways to spackle over the gaps of its own lack of understanding. If you don’t know something, you seek information. You take that information and absorb it. Most of you absorb it as truth, but it is not.

The mind seeks lies through knowledge, stories from others and even by creating an identity of attaching itself (emotions) to the knowledge.

Conversely, TRUTH exists whether we KNOW it or not. Truth is there even if YOU cannot understand it, comprehend it or agree with it. It’s been there way before YOU were born and it will continue after you depart. You do not have to know truth for it to exist.

When a human lives in knowkedge, seeks knowledge, craves knowledge, shares knowledge and uses knowledge to fill the gaps of not knowing within their mind, they are living a life that says:


The very moment someone else wants to tell you what you are doing wrong, what you got wrong, what you need to do, what you should do, what they heard about a situation, what they think about something….etc., they are sharing their own LACK of being enough.

Either they are not enough for their own self or they are trying to elevate themselves by making you not enough. Either way, they are lacking in their own life and must offer or seek knowledge to feel better because their EGO is imbalanced.

This is truth.

There are NO deviations from it. NO responses to it. It just is.

It’s rather enlightening when humans attempt to TELL you THEIR thoughts and input THEIR opinions into your truth. They want to ensure you know they don’t agree with you and that they have a superior way. I see this a lot with institutional religion and the purveyors of dogma.

Most of you reading live in the space of ‘I am not’. You create or operate within the language of simply existing that is written with lies, words and knowledge.

You think, therefore you lie. You opine because you lack. The LANGUAGE of SOCIETY is full of knowledge, words and lies.

If you speak it, you seek it

You SEEK being more, better, bigger, stronger, sexier, smarter, more advanced, prettier, better prepared, more knowledgeable, higher in status, wealthier, more successful….because of EGO.

And this is because…You are NOT ENOUGH right NOW!!!

When you are not enough, you look for ways to fill in the gaps of not being enough. You create stories that limit your journey. You speak excuses and justifications. You surround yourself with drama. You even proclaim righteousness, or underhandedly opine that YOU know the WAY because YOU have studied or learned.

This is all to prevent you from being in truth.

A human living in their TRUTH doesn’t need your knowledge. They don’t need to read your book, respond to your text message or answer your call in order to feel VALID or helpful.

They do not need to hear your perspective. They do not need your opinion or validation. They do not need your book, your video, your class, your group, your comment, your belief system or your ‘anything’ because THEY cannot be manipulated by YOUR WILL.

YOU my friends are already enough and do not need ‘extra’ information to BE better, stronger, happier, healthier, etc. The ones who aren’t enough NOW for themselves absolutely seek this information and the ones who give it, they KNOW they share information to HELP the lesser and needy; the ones who aren’t enough.

In TRUTH, you are able to HEAR their language of NOT BEING ENOUGH and you simply RESPECT THEIR journey. You NEVER have to ask them or tell them what YOU THINK because you are enough and you know this.


Sharing your help, your advice, your knowledge, your opinion, your defense, your information is reminding yourself that they are not enough right now. You are telling them directly or indirectly that you don’t THINK they have ALL the information they require to be enough right now.

This behavior is a mirror of yourself, reflecting that YOU are not enough right now….so therefore you have to help them to fix yourself.

In TRUTH, you already KNOW YOU ARE ENOUGH, therefore you simply hold space full of unconditional love and respect for others, and you already have an understanding that they are not yet enough for themselves because they haven’t yet discovered the AWARENESS of themselves. This is ok. It’s part of their journey.

TRUTH is simply LISTENING to SELF and RESPECTING SELF without the need for MORE, for KNOWLEDGE or for BELIEFS that help us better understand.

TRUTH means you don’t have to show-boat your success or tell others how you reached a level of success or even what you think about their relationship, their business, their emotional states, their writing, their suffering, their finances or even the way they sit in a ceremony!

Death and Life are the only universal TRUTHS of this planet. Everything else is simply PERSPECTIVE. No one NEEDS your perspective.

People see YOU how THEY ARE! They don’t see you how YOU ARE. They will always be biased about their beliefs, opinions and credentials. Therefore they will always have a perception of you based on how they unconsciously SEE THEMSELVES.

In TRUTH, they will have no advice, no knowledge, no help and no betterment that can grow you because they themselves are enough for themselves and cannot see you as being anything other than ENOUGH as you are right now on your journey.

I look at death as a perfect example of this l truth. When someone we love passes, we do not NEED to hear the onslaught of bereavement phrases…

  • You are strong…stay strong
  • You should wear black
  • Give it time
  • I’m so sorry for your loss
  • I feel you; I lost my_______too
  • Take some time
  • I’m praying for your healing and your family’s healing

The reality is a grieving individual isn’t broken! They don’t have to give anything time or be a certain way. They don’t need to know you are sorry they are sad for them or feel they are less than enough right now. They certainly don’t need to know what to wear or how to act. They get to just BE with whatever comes up for THEM without your KNOWLEDGE of death and the grieving process.

I never once experienced comfort knowing that someone else had felt death too or that wearing dark clothing or creating a healthy hobby was how they dealt. My dealings weren’t theirs. I had great respect for those who simply held space for my experience without offering any advice, whether they spoke to me about it or just held a container for me.

If someone tells you a story and offers advice, they see themselves as not enough. If someone seeks to fill their expensive yurt with participants to experience their harvested medicine, they see themselves as not enough. If someone wants to tell you how it must be done, they see themselves as not enough.

Knowledge is the language of not being enough.

A truther is enough and lives with confidence in being enough right now. They share wisdom if asked directly. It’s that simple.

I am enough. Now. Today. Tomorrow. Forever. No validation from anyone or any knowledge required.

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Our passion is men's, women's and couple's wellness, from being strong and independent to conquering the roadblocks that hinder valuable goals. We are here for those who are READY for CHANGE, who are WILLING to make CHANGE and who are seeking support and guidance on their journey. As a couple, we have quickly grown into a powerful team, the Viking and the Apache, helping men and women discover their own strengths, heal themselves and bring light (knowledge) into the world. It is our mission to help others reclaim their power, integrity and truth so they can heal the world!

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