Don’t Be So Negative! The Lies About Positive and Negative.

Positive and Negative…what do they really mean? Is being a ‘negative Nancy’ really a bad thing and ‘positive Polly’ a good one?

Recently, I witnessed an interaction between an individual opposing others in a social media battle discussion about freedom. The individual interjected his opined beliefs, demanding explanations from anyone who was not in alignment with those beliefs and after he received the explanations, he continued to ‘stir the pot’ for no reason whatsoever.

Was he trying to be heard or validated? Did he want everyone to change who they were and instantly see things through his perspective? His eyes? Was he simply what is known as a troll in the internet world?

Only he knew the answer to those questions. But it was crystal clear…his outcome was not quite what he had expected.

His platform was one of a victim. A role that preached how the world ‘should’ be forced to its knee into self-sacrifice to save the weakest of weak. To the majority, his heightened emotional expression masked by attempts at humor and even outright shaming of others through plausible deniability and victimization appeared to be his goal.

A single/never married, Caucasian 40-something mildly financially successful male entrepreneur, he began speaking on behalf of the weak, taking up a call to arms in a humanitarian display of righteousness. To believe and act like him was THE ONLY WAY; THE POSITIVE WAY.

The GOOD way!

Although his positive agenda appeared quite noble relative to his cause, the hidden truth revealed something much greater…the ever present energy of EVIL.

As a society, a country and even as a globe, we have been BRAINWASHED to BELIEVE that positive agendas, philanthropic endeavors and humanitarian efforts are pure and organic causes for which everyone should take up arms and fight!

That the GOOD of our world is somehow only connected to the POSITIVE vibrations. But this assumption is a dangerous place to live, and here is why…

Good and evil are polemic energies of the same frequency or spectrum, often driven by perception. Good is mistakenly full of a ‘positive vibes only’ mindset. Through love, light, happiness, peace, joy, kindness, compassion and being gentle, we are somehow aligned with GOODNESS…we do the RIGHT thing based upon what is defined as good. Conversely, EVIL is believed to be negative or challenging, full of suffering and pain. When we align with negative feelings such as anger, disgust and even hate for something, we are playing into the evil energies; energies labeled as influenced by ‘satan’ or demons.

Plot twist…..Did you KNOW that the DARK and HARMFUL SHADOWS of EVIL are driven by these same energy vibrations? Both positive and negative energies are used to draw in a desired outcome!

Even the purest of the crystalline angelic GOOD MUST UTILIZE NEGATIVE energies on their journey in order to protect themselves physically, emotionally and spiritually in order to fulfill their individual purpose and the soul’s ultimate goal of harmony and peace within.

The truth is….GOOD does not equate to positive and BAD or EVIL does not equate to negative. PERIOD. One is not indicative of the other.

Returning to the gentleman’s story above, a response of ‘GOOD’ was finally shared, explaining to this man that the answers could NOT be simply delivered on demand because his own soul’s operational frequency appeared to be much different and the JOURNEY, the YEARS of research and the knowledge obtained over the course of decades could not be summarized into a simple response.

People aren’t on the SAME level or the same side, even if they operate on the same positive vibration. Just because we engage in humanitarian causes doesn’t mean the positive energy on which we operate is deemed as good. And honestly, I cannot begin to share the instances, both public and personal, of MEN and WOMEN who have used positive energies to prey upon the vulnerabilities of others or who have lifted themselves up (the opposite of humble humility) and expressed their great and righteous cause, only to reveal the selfish and evil agenda at some point along the way.

This is the foundational energy of a CULT…cult after cult after cult!

The got upset at the response handed to him; a response of truth. In the metaphysical and spiritual realm, this becoming upset is called ‘triggered’, which is when our very own subconscious unhealed emotional child REACTS to the behaviors or words of someone else. He then countered from a space of negative vibrations through accusations, contorted analysis’ of what the meaning of the other individual’s words were, twisted blame and outright assigning ‘diagnostic’ criteria to the individual who simply spoke truth…confident, calm truth.

He threw what was akin to an emotional temper tantrum because he did not receive the EVIDENCE he demanded…even though he was unable to understand the evidence provided.

Visualize a grown man, a stranger, in a room full of close friends who are sharing a peaceful vegetarian meal and great conversation. He wants to eat with them but is resistant to trying a vegetarian meal. He begins to share some positive nutritional facts regarding animal proteins, operating on the agenda of educating the group and how to enhance their health and immune systems.

The group is uninterested in this moment, for they were not seeking education…simply a group dinner witty friends. This man begins to demand that these people tell him WHY they believe that eating a plant based diet helps their health, banging both of his fists on the table.

Each time someone tries to share a morsel of information, he tries to shame them into his perspectives, disrupting the dinner altogether (It’s like….who invited THIS GUY????).

Finally, the owner of the house explains that the years of research, not to mention the personal benefits experienced cannot be shared to those who are unwilling to simply listen with curiosity, explaining that he is not yet to the point of receptivity to open his mind and quiet his tongue so that he can understand the information.

Unsuccessful in his attempts to upset dinner, the man storms out, flipping the table as he exits.

This is an example of utilizing seemingly positive information for the bad. Moreover, his energies could be linked to a higher evil perpetuating corporate corruption in the food industry as a whole! 🤔🤔🤔

One of the key elements of living our lives to the fullest is understanding that YOU OWE NO ONE AN EXPLANATION FOR ANY PART OF YOUR JOURNEY EVER!

You owe no one the time or even the effort to try and get them to understand your actions, behaviors, beliefs, understandings, knowledge, research, accomplishments etc…EVER!!!! And anyone who demands an explanation is deeply triggered for their own inner struggles.

They aren’t interested in your answer and are looking for a way to create conflict.

The beauty of living your life is just that. It’s your life. Anyone who believes you should be living a DIFFERENT life and anyone who challenges you in your life’s journey through:

Requesting explanations

Demanding information or proof

Shaming you for not doing what they do

Expecting you to live, act or think differently

Using emotion or confusion to guilt you

Tells you that you are wrong

Escalates to attacks on your character

Becomes sarcastic

Name calls with diagnostic criterion or derogatory words

Whether it’s directly, subconsciously or through plausible deniability, these individuals are on the side of evil.

Now…don’t freak out and pull out the bombs and guns, ready to fight me on this…many of you see evil in a VERY LINEAR, even religious or scripture-based perspective. That is YOUR limited belief system of evil.

…BUT evil entails anything that wishes to change, control or do away with another’s pathway, EVEN THROUGH the use of positive words, interactions or humanitarian efforts!

Recently, I witnessed a professional therapist publicly profess how shameful and heartless ‘humans’ are for NOT believing what she believes and for NOT doing what she was doing.

This is a mental health provider whose chosen profession is to help (influence) vulnerable mindsets and guide them to align themselves on the path intended for themselves…to express themselves, to be themselves, to heal themselves and to live in alignment with themselves. And yet, her influential energy directly convicted their vulnerability and weakened mental health by shaming them into her beliefs.

She even used her educational diagnostic criteria as part of the shaming of anyone who didn’t BELIEVE as she believed and who didn’t LIVE her personal CALL TO ACTION.

“If you don’t believe what I believe, you are mentally ill, heartless, lost and shameful to the world. How can you NOT SEE this? You MUST be a narcissist then!”

A poor expression of professional skills at best. A dangerous territory of assimilation, mind bending and brainwashing at worst.

It is NOT our duty as individuals, healers, influencers, pastors, counselors or other healthcare professionals to CHANGE others.

Attempting to change others is a tyranny and that at its core is EVIL…even if the perception involves positive energies.

Shame, guilt, humiliation, sarcasm, name-calling, oppression, revenge or paybacks, diagnosing and other overt or covert methods of tyranny for your cause is directly aligned with evil.

Forcing people into your ideology, positive or negative, is tyrannical. It is evil.

So the next time you feel the urge to respond emotionally to something, remind yourself that YOU are the one who is triggered. Moreover, remind yourself that other people have a RIGHT to their cause, their agendas, their beliefs and their truth.


But no one owes another person an explanation…especially not a stranger or acquaintance or someone from the past!

Be who you are authentically and know that authenticity does not ever HARM, CHANGE, DEGRADE, HUMILIATE or DEMAND from another soul…..positive or negative.

To will on others our own perceptions is to attempt to change others. We can neither change others nor can we seek revenge on them when we fail at such a task, and to try is EVIL.

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Our passion is men's, women's and couple's wellness, from being strong and independent to conquering the roadblocks that hinder valuable goals. We are here for those who are READY for CHANGE, who are WILLING to make CHANGE and who are seeking support and guidance on their journey. As a couple, we have quickly grown into a powerful team, the Viking and the Apache, helping men and women discover their own strengths, heal themselves and bring light (knowledge) into the world. It is our mission to help others reclaim their power, integrity and truth so they can heal the world!

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