Pedophilia: Mental Illness vs Sexual Orientation

I’ve been seeing a recent surge of social media posts regarding the discovery of child sex trafficking rings that, honestly, have been operating underground and in droves for decades. Moreover, there are correlated stories of the super-financially powerful and politically influential participants being linked to these sexually driven, abusive and torturous rings.

Actors, singers, Presidents, both past and present, religious leaders, CEOs of major companies, especially tech companies and other powerful leaders of services and goods are being ‘called out’ and identified by victims, exiled peers and other individuals and groups somehow affiliated with these horrific operations and experiences.

There are more and more folks being linked in part or whole to these toxic groups, providing some form of coverup to the entire operation. Not to mention those who are paid-off or receive direct benefits for helping gain access to these children, sedation and kidnapping of these children and furthering the successful operation of these underground rings.

You see these individuals in photographs in stories covered by the paparazzi at parties or gatherings, most known as FUNDRAISERS. Situated close or with their arms around the ring kingpin or sometimes in close conversation at some other event. Their names pop up on flight logs to these elitist funded places and gatherings. It’s horrifyingly disgusting at minimum, and yet many turn a blind eye to its existence. Surprised or ignoring its presence. Even ignoring the fact that the victims are trying to come forward, but are being silenced by the news media.

My experience with news media is that mainstream portals of news are the most watched and followed, but are hedged and share one story how they are instructed to share it. They aren’t purveyors of free speech, but rather, purveyors of brainwashing and ignorant messages….to keep you in the dark.

The information about these children and the responsible contributors? It isn’t hidden. It’s available in documents being released by courts. It’s being shared in the tales and stories of the terrorized victims who managed to escape and who continue to be terrorized by the minions of these groups. It’s being revealed through the accounts shared by the children or young actors and actresses who were hedged, controlled and manipulated, sharing detail after detail. It is as prevalent and almost openly accepted, even guarded, just like the billions of modern day sex cults we see abroad using the same techniques and tactics, only with legally consenting adults.

No matter where these individuals fit on the spectrum of horror, they are directly responsible for the torture, abuse, trafficking and sexual assault of children across the globe.

So what exactly is going on?

You are witnessing the mainstream discovery of an ancient practice. You are seeing the polarity of energies and the selling of one’s soul to the darkness. The shadow energy that has been giving its ‘blessing’ and offering its protection and success through the participation of thousands of political, legal, financial, corporate and religious leaders alike, making it ‘ACCEPTABLE’.

In reality, it is the DARKEST of ALL DARKNESS! An underground ring of hierarchies involved and participating in pedophilia, rape, torture, kidnapping, prostitution, creation/distribution /access/selling of pornography, online solicitation and sales of children and sexual favors, online bride services, massage services and the probability of the murder of these children.

Your very own governmentally-funded scholars in academia, supported and sponsored by medical professionals, technical giants, university gurus and financial kingpins, have surmised and agreed that pedophilia is simply a sexual orientation, just like homosexuality, heterosexuality, bisexuality and asexuality. A lifestyle. A preference. Although it’s not listed in diagnostic literature as such, this belief is gaining popularity globally as being something the world population needs to learn to manage and accept.

On a very personal note…NOT in a million years will I embrace pedophilia in any capacity, whether it’s a pedophile who practices abstinence or otherwise! We as a country seem to give greater publicity to the abuse and torture of animals…a part of sexual mental health disease…and focus on outcry than we do to the human race!

One of the organizations available that supports pedophiles and advocates that pedophilia is a lifestyle where the individual can continue to have normal healthy intimate, legal and sexual relationships by managing their arousals, The Blue Angel Association or L’ange Bleu published this statement:

…we always say at the Blue Angel, the key for a pedophile to move forward is accepting who he is without judgement, learning to manage his sexuality safely, and exploring his emotions freely.

Pedophiles need love too seems to be the vibe or the message here! And this assessment has been and continues to be enabled through a slow ‘hedging’ and the desensitization of society by flooding the globe with the energy to openly embrace and accept all sexual orientations. And yet, they lump into this umbrella of lifestyle pedophilia because it’s alleged to be psychologically validated, so it’s got to be okay, right?

The key here is respect! Not embracing or accepting, and certainly NOT agreeing with something you don’t agree with. We all have a right to like or dislike and believe in or not believe in what we choose to. This is our innate right from birth. I possess the right to choose what legal lifestyle practices I wish to align myself with and stand for those practices.

That also means I must respect someone else’s right to the same as well. It’s that simple. However, if their so-called right involves crimes against humanity and illegal activities, I do not have to respect any aspect of it! If I am aware of this behavior, then it is my duty as a human to speak up and out.

Otherwise, live and let live.

Although the ‘thought police’ I am not and addressing the simple fact that pedophiles are sexually aroused by the ‘thoughts’ of children of all ages seems to be the distorted information feeding the actors, the enablers, the protectors and the supporters of this horrific sexual abuse and torture ring.

Through the understanding of simple universal laws, thoughts create our reality. The more energy put into thought, the greater the chance of creation. Some call it the Law of Attraction, but in reality it is studied and implemented in many ways by many individuals to create the energy for accessing what you want.

Energy and creation show a high probability of the simple thoughts affiliated with these toxic, abusive and dangerous obsessions becoming ACTIONS.

The argument that it’s just ‘thoughts’ gives power to these leaders and rings. Power that a desensitized and demoralized society learns over time, one person at a time, either by ignoring or by embracing, succumbs to and embraces. The reality created by thoughts known as the acts involved with pedophilia ARE criminal in nature and involve the safety and well-being of an innocent child!

So embrace pedophilia as a lifestyle, I will not. Other lifestyles don’t involve crimes against humanity by their sheer existence!

Pedophilia is often ignored by the masses and by society as a whole. They ignore the fact these same medical, psychiatric and science-based organizations who support this lifestyle acceptance are often hedged and influenced by the financial kingpins, academic influencers and government leaders through donations, sponsorships, events and other means of acceptance, funding and protection. The people of this great planet continue to support, hide, protect and live in complete ignorance about both pedophilia and all illegal sexual behaviors against children.

It’s all interconnected. A web of personal responsibility and true ignorance.

So then to answer the questions what is going on IS this web is being discovered and the celebrities, politicians, priests, police, military, CEOs, university leaders, musicians, teachers, lobbyists, philanthropists and financial kingpins are suddenly being singled out and identified. The result of this identification is serving as a profound divisive energy, creating more ignorance and often misguided blame towards one side, as well as the untimely deaths being listed as self-inflicted to hide truth, the disappearance of religious leaders, royal family members and other figureheads who were in the news quite frequently.

The dark energy of PARAPHILIA

Although you hear about pedophilia as the driving force behind this evil darkness, the MENTAL HEALTH DIAGNOSTIC bible used by the accredited, peer-reviewed and governmentally backed organizations actually defines the behavior affiliated with the aforementioned web in a very different light.

PARAPHILIA, or disorders where an individual becomes sexually aroused, and often ACTING on these arousals, by certain activities, items or behaviors, is an umbrella term that includes:

*Pedophilia -aroused by thoughts, acts and images of children 13 yo and younger

*Exhibitionism -aroused by showing oneself and their sexual organs to others (Flashers)

*Fettishism -aroused by non-living objects (shoes)

*Frotteuyerism -aroused by sexually touching or rubbing up against unwilling, non-consenting or unable to legally consent individuals (Japanese train system)

*Sexual masochism -arousal by the suffering, pain and humiliation to oneself inflicted by oneself or inflicted by others (choked during sex or masturbation)

*Sadism -arousal by severe pain inflicted upon and terrorizing non-consenting individuals (bull-whipping others)

*Transvestism -heterosexual individuals who are sexually aroused by dressing in the clothing, undergarments and other accoutrements such as makeup and wigs, of the opposite gender

*Voyeurism -arousal by watching naked individuals or by watching others engaging in sexual activities (pornography, stalking or peeping tom)

*Paraphilia NOS -arousal caused by behaviors that do not fit the above specifics, such as necrophiliacs (sexual activity with dead bodies), obscene phone callers, zoophilia (sexual activity with animals, such as donkeys), those individuals who are aroused by urine, feces, enemas, electro-shock to their genitals, and even aroused by isolated parts of the body such as feet or hands or even the age-related waddle under one’s chin.

This is not made up. It’s REAL and exists both in people you may know or have been in a relationship with, but certainly in secrecy and in underground support networks around the WORLD.

I have been exposed to this dark energy, both as a child victim and as an adult victim, and it is horrifying and very real. The psychological impacts are great, not to mention the terror, manipulative abuse and physical, mental, emotional and spiritual torture that is endured!

What’s the difference between just being a sexual weirdo and having a full fledged disorder?

The key difference between someone possessing weird or odd, and sometimes gross, sexual behaviors such as being aroused by cross-dressing or engaging in sadistic sex through BDSM and someone with PARAPHILIAC Disorders is that PARAPHILIAC Disorders create DISTRESS in the individual’s life and/or in the lives of others involved with him or her, or it involves behaviors against non-consenting or those not LEGALLY able to consent (children and teens, mentally impaired, animals, innocent victims who are exposed to someone else’s genitals).

Distress is really any issue, albeit causing conflict in a marriage or behavior that creates issues at work such as violating computer usage policy or I.T. employees installing cameras in bathrooms. In some instances, it creates vulnerability within family structures, especially if it involves a spouse or offspring and can cause severe financial struggles.

Paraphilic behaviors are typically performed in secrecy, which is a direct violation to any healthy relationship and in many instances, they are the portal to or directly involve illegal activities such as visiting illegal websites, often through payment, obtaining illegal mediums for pleasure or getting involved in payment for sex /prostitution rings.

Although THOUGHTS themselves are not crimes, these are often clear indications of something much darker and more sinister in terms of paraphilic disorders.

What’s worse is that our very own society continually attempts to NORMALIZE many of these behaviors by slowing hedging and desensitizing the population on what would be previously classified as weird sexual behaviors.

So how then, is pedophilia and it’s affiliated behaviors deemed a lifestyle?

Let’s start with the normalization of sexual abuse and the sexualization and objectification of all individuals.

For some folks, continuous patterns of sexually based humor is a clear indication that underlying sexual issues are likely present. As we move through more and more electronic mediums, sexually based humor is easily spread. This includes sexual memes and jokes of a sexual nature, especially those intended to make fun of or sexually humiliate a certain individual or a group. It can also involve those who constantly want to talk about sex, sexual objectification and sexual behaviors.

Personal story. Following a horrific and terrifying experience, where my ex-boyfriend slammed my head into a concrete floor, leaving me with a moderate concussion and a serious ‘wake-up’ discussion with a very kind and concerned police officer who arrived on scene about how this would likely escalate to my own death the next time, I left the relationship.

A woman I knew and whom I had trusted with my own vulnerabilities on many accounts; one who actually advocated for abusive men in other scenarios of abuse but I overlooked, sent my ex a very derogatory and explicitly sexual Internet meme in an attempt to make fun of me. It was as if her contribution, support and loyalty to him for almost killing me was to make fun of me sexually.

Her intention was to sexually humiliate another individual. Sexually bullying at its finest.

This type of behavior is very common amongst those who suffer with their own sexual issues, albeit mental issues or just weird or unhealthy practices and beliefs. However, it is more common in men than women.

This type of normalization is actually one way society desensitizes and demoralizes itself from the atrocities of sexual abuse, sexual trauma and even sexual behaviors that are genuine RED flags of identity for other serious underlying mental issues.

When a sex joke or sexual image of a young woman, even where the question exists: is she 16 or is she 19….is passed around, this brings out the defenders of the sexual media. The supporters and purveyors. The dark ones. It’s like identification markers.

Moreover, you cannot even perform services or operate an online business or presence without someone spamming your business with inappropriate sexual content.

Your text

Your email

Your YouTube channel

Your instant messenger

These are all subject to links and videos attempting to lure in the sick, mentally ill and perverse.

We’ve had it happen in our own business in emails, both our business and personal texts and even other forms of media. I mean, even today, I receive at lest once a week some mass text to 10-20 individuals in my area code solicitation for sex and loneliness with some young girl. I report them to the provider of service, but corporations and techno-giants are PART of the desensitization process. They lose out financially if these practices go away.

It’s the very reason you will find supportive FB pages for those looking for child sexual activity BUT you will be shut down or silenced for anything politically derogatory against those who support these child sex rings.

Unfortunately, there are so many out there who are sexually ill and who have mental health issues relative to these sexual illnesses and traumas that the market continues to thrive by feeding them.

Furthermore, you have thousands of liberal artists and playwrights skirting the edge, sometimes crossing it, with images and sexual objectification, playing down sexual trauma and sexual activities.

This was recently exemplified and brought to light over a European playwright who brought in elementary school-aged (8-9 years old) children to ‘teach’ them about the act of sex by having them watch two naked adults simulate sex on stage as part of his play.

It’s all out there and it’s all part of normalizing what is really bizarre, sketchy and contributing to creating a sense of ‘lifestyle’.

Hedging a society to normalize sexual objectification, normalize bizarre sexual thoughts and portal behaviors as long as ‘no one knows’ or as long as it’s in secret and doesn’t cause distress to anyone and indoctrinating people with overly liberal sexual views and behaviors and desensitizing children to the act of sex itself is all part of the why and how this has gotten to where it has.

Fact: Up to 3/4 of all American children have been exposed to The act of sex and sexual behaviors before the age of 13 years old, the age of pedophilia!

So what exactly is PEDOPHILIA?

Pedophilia Disorder is a toxic and harmful psychological issue.

As defined in the most recent diagnostic criteria, it is any individual who is a minimum of 16 yo and is sexually aroused, has sexual fantasies, sexual urges and sexual desires towards a child who is 13 years old or younger. For teens aged 16-17, there must be 5 year difference in age. For example, the 16 yo has these thoughts or even actions towards a child 11 yo or younger.

It is also imperative that in order to be classified as a pedophile, the individual must have these arousals, thoughts, desires, urges and/or fantasies for >6 months.

If an individual acts out on these thoughts, fantasies, urges or desires, then they are classified a pedophile regardless of thoughts.

Moreover, if these thoughts, arousals, fantasies, desires etc. cause distress, extreme sorrow, pain, anxiety or other distress to the individual having them, their loved ones, employers, others OR causes Illegal behaviors as defined by the law, it is also said to be pedophilia.

It should be known that the ‘health experts’ are working diligently to EXPAND the definition to include HEBAPHILIA, or an attraction to children going through puberty, although it doesn’t currently define it as such.

Behaviors and traits of pedophiles and their victims

Aside from the diagnostics criteria, pedophiles and the terrifying and sick pedophilic behaviors are quite cut and dry.

*Hypersexual adults who target children opportunistically

*abusive adolescents between the ages of 16-18 who molest or rape younger children

*anyone 16 or older who acts impulsively under the influence of alcohol or drugs

Although many victims of these behaviors are silenced by threats, both physical or emotional, and bribes based upon vulnerability, the vast majority of actual reported sexual abuse victims are between the ages of 12-17. Many victims never get their voice of torture ever heard because the families and the system silence them!

By diagnostic criteria alone, most of these victims are NOT put under the definition of pedophilia, but rather EPHEBOPHILIA, which is a sexual preference for those adolescents who have gone through puberty between the ages of 14-19. Again, this is part of normalizing weird and harmful sexual practices. This is NOT classified as a diagnosis or mental health issue, although in the United States, depending upon the state law, anyone 17 and under is defined as a minor and those who are 18 and older can be charged with statutory RAPE for sexual encounters.

There is NO crime or diagnostic criteria that prevents the consensual sexual activity between any individuals 18 yo and older. However, non-consensual behaviors, false imprisonment, RAPE, stalking and sexual harassment are all crimes that are applicable to these situations.

In terms of behaviors, MOST pedophiles are about exposing themselves to their victims, masturbating in front of their victims and touching their victims sexually. Jeffrey Epstein was a very real and recent example of a true pedophile, based on the age of some of his victims and his behaviors during the interaction with these children. He was an exhibitionist, voyeur, ephebophiliac and pedophile, not to mention criminally entrenched in the system of support for child sex rings.

Less common behaviors, but still prevalent is that these children experience oral, anal or vaginal penetration, all of which is also defined as RAPE.

Who are the pedophiles?

The demographics of a pedophile is pretty much cut and dry as well:

*Almost ALL pedophiles are MEN (94-99%).

*Almost ALL pedophiles are someone known to the victim and often trusted and/or who knows the family patterns (coach, teacher, stepparent or parent, grandparent, guardian, pastor/priest, babysitter, friend of sibling, sibling etc).

*Over HALF of all pedophiles have have mood disorders such as anxiety, depression, manic or chronic irritability or have personality disorders such as Narcissism or NPD, bipolar disorder or Machiavellianism.

*Up to 70% of pedophiles have other forms of PARAPHILIA, such as VOYEURISM, TRANSVESTISM, EXHIBITIONISM or SADISM.

*Up to 40% of pedophiles are homosexual towards their victims, even if they are also attracted to ADULTS in a heterosexual orientation or have a heterosexual adult relationship or marriage.

Can a pedophile be successfully treated?

According to the United State’s authority on psychiatric disorders and mental health issues, there is currently NO KNOWN TREATMENT for pedophilia.

Even though there are BEHAVIORAL THERAPY protocols to allegedly lessen their ‘urges’ available to those seeking help or who are forced into getting help due to discovery or even court order, more than HALF of those busted for pedophile will act on their urges AGAIN. This is called recidivism.

It’s been concluded that 1/4 of diagnosed heterosexual pedophiles and 1/2 of homosexual pedophiles will commit more incidents of pedophilia, following a 25 year study.

The operations of a pedophile

Pedophiles HEDGE their victims and use opportunities, whether sudden or hedged, as a means of access. The opportunities are often presented by knowing the family operations or by watching the child in certain activities. They use their position in the family, career or group leadership (youth director, CPS, Boy Scout leader, martial arts instructor etc) as a means to gain access these children. Youth directors and church officials are often seen as SAFE people for children, but the reality is they are perfect positions for pedophiles!

They manipulate and lure children to them in some way, possibly with promises of money, treats or gifts, then desensitize the children to sexual stimulus over time by talking about sex and sexual activities, sharing sexual memes, jokes, pictures, videos and even showing them sexual implements and tools.

This is a pattern to gradually lower a child’s guard and shift their understanding of INAPPROPRIATE BEHAVIOR (which can only be taught). This is why it is IMPERATIVE to talk to YOUNG children about what is NOT OKAY for others to talk to them, show them or even touch them NO MATTER WHO it is. This is a common area of ignorance and a major problem because parents and organizations will often profile strangers and stranger danger, but never talk to them about mom’s boyfriend, grandpa or other family members.

From here, the pedophile escalates the inappropriate behaviors into the acts mentioned above, and sometimes into rape, sexual torture and even murder.

This process is often EASY for a pedophile because they are almost always a family friend, family member, trusted leader (sports, kids group, church etc), friendly neighbor, coach, clergymen or someone else who is around the child regularly, sees the child regularly and knows the family patterns.

Usually, the signs are there and the children may try to tell a trusted adult, but it’s very difficult for a 5-year old to find the words to tell if they haven’t been told what is inappropriate or given words to use. Not to mention, there are children who are already in abusive or neglectful families and operate under fear and shame on a regular basis. They have no one who they see as safe.

When caught or confronted, Pedophiles often justify their inappropriate behavior by claims that the CHILD wanted to explore, the CHILD seduced them by action or the way they dressed OR that the CHILD wanted and enjoyed the experience.

It is these very justifications and mindsets that lend to an apparent LACK OF EMPATHY, especially towards the child victim, showing a high probability of the pedophile also having a narcissistic tendency, NPD or antisocial personality disorder association.

The availability of the INTERNET and TECHNOLOGY in the hands of children such as phones, kindles, computers and social media access has a correlative impact on the access pedophiles have to their potential victims. Parents and guardians mindlessly hand over their devices to babysit their children. This provides access.

Some examples:

Coaches and teachers texting children directly or even hedging the parents.

Children being allowed access to social media (Instagram, FB, vine, Tiktoc) accounts and groups, often unknown to parents

Private messaging on the above accounts, on gaming systems and even on phones

Private email accounts

Access to children by pedophiles is not hidden. Those innocent children who have been kidnapped, who are runaways, whose parents and guardians sell their children for money/drugs and those who have already been trafficked by a ring operating with a front (a restaurant or nail salon, illegal aliens, mail order brides) are readily accessible on many sales sites such as FB Marketplace, Craig’s List and other more esoteric mediums.

In fact, FaceBook actually allows private groups and expressions that FEED pedophilic lifestyles and yet, silences political viewpoints and medical perspectives on treatments regarding the current viral situation plaguing the globe! I’ve personally reported multiple very young Illegal girls who solicit sex on FB Marketplace.

Both sellers and buyers use CODES and encrypted images to create a seemingly legal transaction. In fact, there are children who have survived and been able to tell their horrific stories of escape and what they endured.

The Internet has also become a support network for pedophilia, providing groups including social media groups that teach pedophiles and sexual predators HOW to avoid getting caught. This contributes to the normalization of these crimes against children and mental issues. These support networks also have deep underground internet links (ie…the dark web) that the common users would never suspect.

Many communities, cities and affiliated legal systems attempt to reintegrate these Untreatable likely to do it again pedophilic registered sexual offenders back into our community neighborhoods. All part of normalization. However, you CAN FIND THEM ON WEBSITES like watchdog and see the convictions and the age group, as well as their currently known address.

Unfortunately, these are just the ones who have been caught, discovered or busted!

It is my understanding from the information that the government, medical community and affiliated groups are collectively attempting to normalize these sexual mental illnesses, even classifying them as a lifestyle.

Even though there is NO treatment available and the chances they will do it AGAIN is extremely high (based upon those who are actually caught and/ or diagnosed), these same groups and entities continue to placate and dismiss these mentally ill individuals with a slap on the hand or by overlooking the simple signs that exist.

The judicial system is on their side. The legal system is on their side. The media is on their side. The political and medical system is on their side. The masses are on their side because, they too are too invested in the structure that supports these sick individuals.

Human trafficking through Asian nail salons, massage houses and restaurants.

Human trafficking by mail order brides.

Human trafficking of runaways.

Human trafficking for celebrities and their consumption.

Human trafficking illegals across the border at very young ages, working as housekeepers and restaurant workers and desperately trying to get out of these abusive structures.

Human trafficking. Period.

This web has existed for a long, long time. The issue is that more light is being brought TO IT, discovering child actors suffering sexual trauma and have told their story or committed suicide as a result. A prime example of this is the story of Brittney Spears, a child sex object that has shared her story and the masses have humiliated her, dehumanized her, made fun of her in memes or social media posts, supported her personal prison that her dad keeps her in as part of the normalization of the sexual abuse she endured and who is now deemed as crazy, an unfit parent and who is held captive.

Conversely, the parallel lives created by individuals like Epstein and Michael Jackson used to keep children held captive and for their own personal and private secret ‘adventures’ where one powerful and influential individual was vilified AFTER he was caught, and the other, his crimes long forgotten because he was a great musician and media sources covered up his activities.

Pedophilia is NOT normal. It’s not ok. It’s an untreatable and very horrible mental illness of extreme and very harmful proportions. The harm it does is a forever harm, in that it is deemed shameful to even talk about it or share one’s story. Victims are continually vilified because they threaten to EXPOSE the web.

I was a victim of pedophilia. I am not alone and I personally know of hundreds who have been victims as well. I’ve talked to grown men and women who have suffered the traumas of pedophilia.

Their stories silent because they do not want to shame their family or because pressure from other family members try to shame and humiliate victims if they do speak out; because they are brainwashed to let it go…it’s the past.

Movies to watch that share truth:

The Captive


I Am Still Here

Lovely Bones

It’s a toxic and destructive, potentially fatal, criminal mental illness for which there is no treatment. It’s not a lifestyle.

It’s a death style and it must be stopped, not embraced!

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