No Drama DIY Health and Beauty Products: Body Balm

Butter for your body seems sinful, right? It is! What’s even more decadent is whipped body butter. Smooth and creamy, it leaves your skin feeling silky smooth.

I love body butters.

I’ve purchased them from luxury beauty product stores, but have always been a little let down because of the extra ingredients, some I’m unable to pronounce. When I find the simple ingredient products, they cost an arm and a leg! I just want a clean product that isn’t expensive.

So I decided to make my own simple whipped butter, even though it only stayed whipped for a second because I chose to make it on a cold day. I was quite exited when it hit the peak stage, but then, it quickly balled up and got hard! Rock hard.

Anyways, I love the smell, I love the way my skin feels. But most of all, I absolutely love the fact that it costs about $2 to make versus $12 to $30 in the stores and I am IN CONTROL of the ingredients.

I reheated my solid mass of crumbles and poured it into an old body butter container.

Now I have body balm,

Here is the recipe I found for a DIY Whipped Body Butter on little green dot, a site for diy natural face and body products.

3/4 C Cocoa Butter

1/4 C Coconut Oil

(Use approx 5/8 C Cocoa Butter and 3/8 C Coconut Oil in cold temperatures so it does not do what mine did!).

In a double boiler, melt down the cocoa butter and coconut butter until liquid. If you need to measure them out, melt them separately.

Set in freezer to harden SLIGHTLY. Maybe 20 minutes. Too much, you will get a solid ball! Don’t let ice crystals form (my bowl is too cold!)

Mix with a hand mixer or whisk until fluffy. Scoop into container and enjoy your butter, or like me, your balm!

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