Stop Wasting Your Resources: No More Meaningless Monuments in your Life

“For every monument of what one man perceives as ‘greatness’, there is another man who perceives it as evil and the ignoring of truth”

Monuments are esoteric to a social group or movement.

They are erected as a commemorative tribute to an individual or an event. A person or happening of ‘social significance’ in a moment in time.

Just like tradition and the blind following of old or outdated practices, simply because ‘it’s what has always been done’, monuments are often revered with a similar blindness or a true lack of understanding.

They are originally built to commemorate a specific religion, religious event, a death, a governmental rise, an individual who showed bravery or courage or even a significant event in time as deemed by the reigning social order.

War. Historical significance. Governmental dominance. Culture. Archeology. Fanatical beliefs. Religion.

They are presented as statues of actual people, spiritual entities, plaques or in forms of geomancy. They may be of bronze, stone, copper, granite or even precious gold. They are expensive to build and expensive to maintain.

In a simple snapshot of a handful of famous monuments today, there sits in excess of $500 million dollars worth of idolatry in one US city alone, with continued proposals and efforts being made to create new monuments and refurbish old ones. Most of these are funded by tax payer dollars, and many without consent.

It’s social ordering. It’s just what happens. An individual has no say in the idolatry, nor do they have a say in whether or not they chose to fund the erection of said idol. In privately funded structures, there is a greater voice as an individual, however even then, dominant social order often wins.

However, is this practice a genuine reflection of actual history, or simply put, the commemorative honoring of something that may be skewed, twisted or not necessarily held as truth by the majority? A reflection of the social ordering du jour?

In an act of iconoclasm, or retaliation, when a social order or group is overridden or overpowered, another monument is often erected to ‘counter’, or attempt to balance the first. The original monument it is often defamed, destroyed and even brought down by those who are in a position of greater power or significance at the time.

This does not mean it is right or just, however, it shows real-time the dominant view or social order takes hold, and how those statues of monetary significance suddenly become insignificant and are destroyed as a means to devalue what, only months prior, seemed to be truth or the way.

I look to my beautiful sister in The Faroe Islands…the seal woman statue. A statue or monument that I personally revere. Her story as a reminder of how the taking of what isn’t yours can bring destructive outcomes to others who may not be directly involved. Her being deceived and trapped, forced into a life not her own, only one day to escape, only to have her ego-driven captor eventually murder those she loved and to who she had returned. Her vengeance was spoken and her prophecy has not yet been fulfilled.

Her significance is reminder of the greed of mankind, and their incessant raping of nature to fulfill their own egoism. Her prophecy to seek vengeance upon the village, with death by drownings and falls from the cliffs until the

numbers reached the same as could hold hands around the entire island of where the village resides.

Her cost is unknown; her monument is but 4-years old.

The reality is one day, her beautiful form and message to remind all will bring great offense to a different or popular social order. Someone, somewhere will find her presence in the sea to be against a specific religious dominance and in iconoclastic destruction, she will likely be no more.

Whether of Greek history or Native American presence; no matter if it’s a Viking Crusader, a black pastor, a middle-eastern ruler or a white General, the building of monuments is a means of reminding us of the significance of a perspective at a specific point in time.

It’s a snapshot of a moment, and is not always the whole truth. It does not capture the essence of an entire man or situation. In fact, it falsely teaches ignorance to those who visit.

Honoring, or revering a monument beyond the telling of a story in time is a waste of time and it often perpetuates ignorance and lies. The energy and public funding, tax money wasted on the ‘hype’ would better serve other fiscal efforts and the genuine needs of humanity. This is truth.

No monument, especially those of government funding, speaks the full truth.

It’s a means of creating an icon that freezes in time a significance to a social order. When the thoughts of social ordering shift, such as the recent movement to destroy all monuments of a particular governmental symbol, there is a significant wasting of time and money for their iconoclastic destruction, lending an even greater weight of idiocy to the necessity of monuments overall.

As a people, it is important to look into the funding of proposed monuments. Events and fundraisers looking for private funds and donations to build local and private monuments MUST BE DiSSECTED with a fine tooth comb to clearly see if every registration or food plate purchased is going to that monument’s future, or if it’s going to things like:

Food trucks/portable potties







And then should clearly be researched to see if all who are being ‘honored’ relative to the monument are, in fact, part of the monument itself.

Otherwise the building of a monument is the building of LIES, MONETARY GAIN, DECEIT and CORRUPTION…the foundation for most monuments that stand today!

Monuments serve no purpose other than attempting to waste money for a ‘cause’ to carry forth the negative energy from the past and lock into time the now irrelevant social order, or belief system.

In private, they may hold great significance to a group or that particular belief system, however, when their presence, their building or their destruction gives rise to political or community division, it’s clear to see the presence of the evil energy and the feeding of negativity pumped into them as a whole.

It’s clear to the awakened just how ignorance prevails in social order and financial gain.

In life, what symbolic structures to you give your time, your money and your energy, without ever fully understanding how this impacts you or serves your highest self?

These monuments can be objects that idly sit on a shelf, with no value or meaning to you. They can be posters that hang in a closet or on a wall that serve no real purpose to you but create conflict to those you love. They can be items or gifts given to you that hold no significance except taking up space and collecting dust.

It’s important to understand the value of those items in your life that serve as a significance for today’s happiness and the difference between them and the items that tether you to a painful past, a dark reminder, an old mindset or an object of clutter without any real meaning.

Learn to hold valuable those things that feed your loving soul. Let go of the monuments in your life that drain you in any capacity or do not serve your highest self.

Published by NikkiAlbertVasquez

Our passion is men's, women's and couple's wellness, from being strong and independent to conquering the roadblocks that hinder valuable goals. We are here for those who are READY for CHANGE, who are WILLING to make CHANGE and who are seeking support and guidance on their journey. As a couple, we have quickly grown into a powerful team, the Viking and the Apache, helping men and women discover their own strengths, heal themselves and bring light (knowledge) into the world. It is our mission to help others reclaim their power, integrity and truth so they can heal the world!

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