How FREE are WE


The ability to wear an “I HATE (fill in the blank)” shirt or any other legal article for that matter into a grocery store or any public free place without the FEAR or EXPERIENCE of being assaulted (verbally or otherwise).

The ability to say that I BELIEVE in something in any public venue without the FEAR or EXPERIENCE of being NEGATIVELY LABELED, VERBALLY ABUSED or HUMILIATED.

The ability to NOT be held to the same level of EMOTIONAL RESPONSE or REACTION (emotions being anger, sadness, grief, irritation, frustration, disgust, adoration, awe, surprise, etc.) to an event, a story, an image, an article, a picture, a situation or basically anything.

The right to NOT be accosted or degraded by an individual or group for speaking MY Beliefs.

The right to know that IF me or my home or extension thereof is assaulted, verbally or otherwise, damaged or humiliated and/or harassed in any capacity, knowing that EVERY SINGLE INDIVIDUAL who is a PEACE OFFICER/OFFICER of the LAW, will defend MY RIGHT to EXPRESS my expression, beliefs and individuality without delay, hesitation or bias.

NOT having to worry about what OTHERS may or may not think about my actions, beliefs or lifestyle and if someone doesn’t like it, having the full power to walk away (albeit family, friends, a business, etc.) and going where I want to in order to feel accepted and loved completely and fully for who I AM.

This is FREEDOM…..are YOU FREE?

Published by NikkiAlbertVasquez

Our passion is men's, women's and couple's wellness, from being strong and independent to conquering the roadblocks that hinder valuable goals. We are here for those who are READY for CHANGE, who are WILLING to make CHANGE and who are seeking support and guidance on their journey. As a couple, we have quickly grown into a powerful team, the Viking and the Apache, helping men and women discover their own strengths, heal themselves and bring light (knowledge) into the world. It is our mission to help others reclaim their power, integrity and truth so they can heal the world!

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