REFLECTIONS: The Destructive Power of Alcohol

This will be the first article in a series of articles covering topics geared towards healing. Each one is written from a vantage point of personal reflection, research, experience and professional education.

We all know it’s name. Many seek it out for comfort. It’s alluring face shows up everywhere, with the hidden agenda to dominate and destroy.


Just recently, my husband and I took a road trip across the southern states. We spent the better part of two days driving, with very little entertainment except our own interaction and that which presented itself during our refueling stops and along the roadside.

Billboards, marquis, signs, banners, neon and lights, photoshopped bodies and faces all calling us (and other drivers) to come and enjoy this location for a meal, a vacation or a lifetime!

During our reflections, the conversation leaned towards the marketing of alcohol and how it is constantly in your face through billboard ads, restaurant signage and even vacationing activities. People cannot escape!

Our visit to the Emerald Coast of Florida validated this very real issue plaguing not only western society, but globally as well.

Nature’s intent and purpose is not to serve humans. She needs nothing of man to survive, whereas man requires her wares just to live and breathe. Our intention as man was to honor her beauty, draw from her powerful energy and to allow her the opportunity to regenerate our bodies and minds. And yet, we were absolutely solo in our intent.

As we walked along the palate of green and it’s intersection with the white snow-like sand, we watched hundreds of people maneuvering her beauty in an intoxicated state. Some were barely alive, while others became saturated with alcohol induced courage, arrogance and obnoxiousness.

Loud, obnoxious, loose and overtly ridiculous looking, alcohol does not provide the luxuries that it boasts. Not directly and not secondarily.

Alcohol is not a drug! It is more akin to a toxic chemical whose side effects include an altered state of mind, loss of inhibition and a slow death of anything or anyone that matters, including the self.

Alcohol kills relationships, marriages, families, careers, finances, cognition, clarity, health, general wellness and longevity. Take the bar hag out of the bar and they feel alone and depressed. Remove the beer from the hand of the river rat and they don’t know how to act or to enjoy the experience. Suggest an event that isn’t sponsored by the alcohol industry or where alcohol is forbidden and you meet resistance.

People who are attached, even addicted to its destructive properties will defend its usage in every possible capacity, even temporarily, and may even become argumentative and combative when you speak out in truth against it. They will tell you to stop the judgment. They will call you names like ‘Debbie Downer’. They will justify its usage and play down its destruction. But still, they are the ones attached.

Alcohol and the supporting industry has successfully destroyed the core of humanity and nature, including any such connectivity by creating a tightly woven matrix of attachment, some of which is subconscious.

Just LOOK at the reasons people drink.

Stress, festival/events, group-think, bar behavior, crafty marketing, association, socialization, addiction, depression/self-medication, trend

Cute jingles designed to draw you in with words such as ice-cold, frosty, refreshing, bold, earthy, rich, fun, fruity and a host of other adjectives continue to plague every place we visit! Cardboard signs with photoshopped models calling you in for a cold one with the boys. Special pricing on highly marketed tropical drinks such as mai-tais, margaritas, pina coladas and rum runners. Oversized containers marketed to give you MAX alcohol for your dollar! Sponsors of special events. Societal snobbery linking certain alcohol with social status. Sports events serving cheap beers on tap so you can hang with the boys. Jell-O shots that are set to liven the scene, albeit club or the party. Creating alcohol vernacular such as a ‘flight’ of beer or ‘craft beer’ to somehow distinguish the class of drinking. Environmental association such as connecting certain drinks with certain areas: cold fruity drinks on the beach, beer at the river, Guinness while traveling in the UK.

It’s all part of global design to keep people asleep mentally, addicted physically, dumbed down educationally and sick healthfully.

The fact is that MARKETING and SOCIETAL disconnect feeds this toxic behavioral cycle, creating the highly caustic and addictive attachment MOST people have to alcohol!

I watched a young girl unwillingly dragged from the shoulders of a stranger by multiple men and stripped of her clothing-unknowing what happened after that. She was engaged in the PARTY and had spent the better part of the day obviously in consumption. Her societal attachment to ALCOHOL and the PARTY put her at high risk, and she suffered greatly because of it.

Alcohol makes the next day a chore, at minimum. Depending upon the level we consume, our bodies must detox completely and heal from a night of drinking. At worst, it causes harm to others or ourselves, even death.

Unfortunately, any pattern of this behavior impacts everything in the NOW and the future.

You are put at significantly higher risk of harm, police involvement and even death when under the influence. You place yourself at a higher risk of stroke, heart issues, digestive issues, migraines, cancers, liver problems and a host of other diseases. Some of which you will be too far down the rabbit hole before you know what is happening and others, that you choose to ignore until you are truly sick.

You will place yourself in a state of greater isolation from friends, family and loved ones. We all have those ‘people’ in our past who we knew were addicts but made excuses for their behaviors. Dads, uncles, sisters, brothers, acquaintances.

You increase your chances of going to jail! Bar-fights, aggression, passed out in your car or peeing in public places!

I enjoy watching law enforcement shows, when they arrest the drunk guy for taking a crap inside walmart, completely unaware of his surroundings and out of his mind explaining why he was there. He was completely saturated!

But what I see beyond on screen, I have fully experienced with people in my life at some point.

I have witnessed their drunken aggression and fights. I have experienced being taken advantage of, mugged and even raped due to alcohol. I lost my own child due to alcohol. I have spent countless nights alone while my husband was passed out drunk or driving around completely drunk, wondering if this was the moment I would get the call that he was in jail or had killed someone. I have been peed on by a drunk. I have laughed and made fun of those who are drunk. I have found myself making very risky decisions that could have gotten me killed while under the influence. I have personally watched relationships die a violent death due to alcohol. I have lost loved ones because of secondary alcohol related health issues. I have been grabbed, groped and manhandled because of alcohol. I have been in financial ruins because of alcohol. I have seen my own family enable the drunks in my life, creating my own need to leave. I’ve watched fathers and mothers and children experience the greatest of losses because someone they loved had a relationship with alcohol. I’ve watched drunks manipulate and lie their way out of reality and responsibility just to have a drink! I watch husbands posting pictures with bar whores, never understanding how these acts might make another feel, due to alcohol. I’ve spoken to drunks running into walmart on a holiday to buy more ‘beer’ because they drank the other two cases.

Ive not ever seen anyone being themselves and having a good time under the influence of alcohol.

I’ve even listened to my husband tell me stories of how his ex taught and encouraged him (knowing he had a drinking problem) to start drinking when he awoke to help reduce the hangover!

There is nothing about alcohol that tastes good. Not a soul sits down and drinks straight up vodka or tequila as if they are sipping sweet tea! They have to ADD things to it to make it palatable, similar to adding cheese to broccoli for some!

People use it as a banner for ‘good times’, but once you have it ingrained in your subconscious mind, you are officially an addict to its toxic and deadly properties.

It causes fights, arguments, aggression and even abuse.

Alcohol is not an escape. It’s not a release.

It’s not a personal choice due to the very fact it impacts everyone around you!

If you are using alcohol to enhance, to be part of, to de-stress, to connect, to socially interact, to unwind, to celebrate, to escape or for any reason at all, you are handing your power over to a toxic substance that will harm.

Alcohol is in your face at every corner, every turn. It will kill you if you aren’t strong enough to stand against it 100%.

Even in making a choice to abstain from alcohol forever, we are met with justifications such as ‘there is relapse in recovery’.

Bullshit! Only if you are a weak and cowardly individual. The strong make choices to no longer allow toxic substances and toxic situations, including people, to make their choices.

In our lifestyle of being alcohol-free, we have come to a greater understanding of the mind-controlling powers it has over the weak, the vulnerable and the dumb. We understand the underlying low vibrational thread that is destroying the human mind and it’s higher levels of understanding.

We may be the outcasts and the weirdos when it comes to ‘having a good time’ by a drunk’s standards, but we are deeply connected to healthy, vitality and the universe in full truth and reality.

We will be the ones who will remain connected and clear. We will be the ones who see through the muddy world you call home.

Alcohol is death, not life.

I will end on this story:

During our adventures, the billboard signs in Louisiana used similar models and seductive words to draw folks into to a world of gambling. At the bottom of these signs, a 1-800 number was listed providing assistance to those who suffered an addiction to gambling. My momentary reflective thought was why doesn’t society offer the same type of assistance on the millions of alcohol and beer ads?

The only answer is that society wants them drunk, dumb and dead and they will go to every extreme, manipulative avenue and seduction to draw in the greatest population. The next time you step into a family establishment, visit a county fair, attend a sporting event or are going on vacation, take a second to observe the intensity at which marketing and seduction is used in an attempt to get YOU to spend money on consuming the toxic poison.

The dollar sign never lies.

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