WANT TO LOSE WEIGHT? Online Nutrition and Activity Guide Available

If you are looking to lose inches or pounds, look no further!

At Two Tribes Primal Wellness, we are dedicated to the four pillars of wellness and any imbalance in the foundation can result in unwanted weight gain.  Nutrition, Activity, Rest and Relaxation.

If you are tired of listening to others tell you that “DIET AND EXERCISE” guarantee weight loss or sales pitches leading you to purchase some magical pill or wrap because it will result in shredded abs and maximum firmness, then you have arrived at your destination of TRUTH.

Here are some common false beliefs or areas of confusion:

Does CARDIO help me lose weight?

Yes, to a certain extent.  Regular aerobic exercise (also known as CARDIO) is necessary for conditioning the most important muscle in your body:  THE HEART.  However, doing cardio alone will not likely reap many benefits beyond a small initial weight loss for those who have not been exercising for a certain period of time.  Changing your routine up in either INTENSITY (going harder/faster than to which you are acclimated), DURATION (how LONG you exercise), FREQUENCY (how often you exercise) or TYPE (the modality, kind of class you take…doing something DIFFERENT) will help prevent stalling out, but only to a small degree especially without sound nutrition.

Does STRENGTH TRAINING make me big?

No.  Other than chemically enhanced individuals, genetic anomalies or for other rare medical reasons, women do not possess enough of the hormone TESTOSTERONE to make them “bulky” or “big” like men, or even the women in weightlifting magazines.  Strength training builds lean muscle and strength dependent upon your natural frame.  Small framed women will likely remain small framed while those with larger frames or the genetic predisposition to build muscle in certain areas may have more defined legs, glutes or arms.  Many of the extremely ripped images of women seen in advertising today are taken after specific and extreme preparations and programming for a photo shoot, are photo-shopped, modified and are paid models who dedicate their time to their job…fitness modeling.

Strength training is essential to reduce body fat, build strength, build endurance, increase metabolism and post workout metabolism, increase bone density and general overall wellness.

How do I get rid of this flab on my “name that body part”?

There is no magical exercise or program that will transform a body part without incorporating BODY FAT REDUCTION, which is primarily through a sound NUTRITION PLAN.  Visceral fat, or more commonly known as belly fat, is correlated to serious disease and even death.  Fat deposited on the butt and thighs, as opposed to around the waist, chest and arms (trunk), is deemed healthier in terms of serious disease but is carries some health concerns.  There are even individuals who are small framed, and yet carry their fat around the abdomen area, which are often termed as “skinny fat”, which means they look small or thin but have an increased risk of health problems due to fat being deposited in the upper body region.

And for those who didn’t know:  CELLULITE IS NOT FAT.

It is a common occurrence in WOMEN, although it can happen to men as well, when FAT CELLS squeeze through weakened connective tissue, mostly in the BUTT and THIGHS, due to something like hormonal issues, lack of muscle tone from not working out or sudden or massive weight gains and even poor circulation due to smoking or other poor lifestyle choices.

Cellulite increases with AGE due to the reduction in collagen (connective tissue structure) caused by a decrease in female hormone production.  Underweight and overweight individuals have cellulite, with 90% of all women carrying it, primarily in the BUTT and THIGHS due to our female anatomy.  Only 10% of men have cellulite, and it is more often due to being overweight or severe weight changes.  Men have stronger connective tissue in the BUTT and THIGHS due to a lack of female hormones.

When you see cellulite, it does not mean someone is fat and is not part of body fat percentages.  Cellulite is the breakdown of connective tissue where even the smallest amount of fat has squeezed through and created pockets.  Except with expensive medical procedures, removing cellulite is impossible.  You can change its appearance temporarily or by increasing muscle tone to some degree, but you cannot get rid of it without surgical or medical intervention and even then, not everyone would be a candidate.

Do I have to be on a CALORIE RESTRICTIVE DIET to lose weight?

No.  In fact, high cardio and calorie restrictive programs can generate extreme fatigue and have a high FAILURE rate.  They can also make you FAT, or even prevent weight loss. Sure, you may lose a few pounds by implementing obsessive eating patterns such as portioned meal programs or “shake” based diets, however, it is always better to chew your nutrients in home-prepared natural whole and natural sourced ways.

CALORIES ARE YOUR FUEL and it is more important from where you obtain that fuel than operating under the false rule “CALORIES IN; CALORIES OUT”.

Should I be on one of these highly POPULARIZED DIETS, such as the olive oil/feta diet, the caveman diet, the block style diet, the zero carb diet, the raw vegetable diet, etc?

No.  These are all programs that have been designed, marketed and sold to make money. Even some popular sports markets have been associated with specific diets even though the sports entity themselves and their top athletes do not eat a “strict” form of any specific diet.  Some involve the omission of ALL MILK-BASED products while some forbid any grains for a set period of time.  Some programs have a cleanse, weight loss and maintenance phase, dictating specific foods for specif time periods.  Others focus on MACROS (that is an entirely different discussion) while others focus on nutritional formulas depending upon your current frame and activity level.  They each have validity in their roots, however, not everyone fits any or all of these plans exactly.  It is best to find a NUTRITION PLAN that focuses on the consumption of high quality vegetables, lean proteins (whether plant based or meat based), fruits with fiber; whole fruits – not juices and concentrates and healthy fats while eliminating as much sugar, refined white products and junk fats / junk carbs as possible.  You must also ensure that whatever you eat is palatable and satisfying.  You must also be in tune with your own body and how it responds to certain foods (thyroid issues, celiac’s disease, irritable bowel syndrome, bloat, gas, food allergies, food sensitivities such as chicken or eggs).

Do I need SUPPLEMENTS to lose weight?

NO!  The vast majority of the population can achieve weight loss and attain higher fitness levels by making some SIMPLE lifestyle changes and working to consume foods from a variety of healthy sources, with a focus on raw veggies and a few raw fruits at most meals.  Some individuals whose bodies are engulfed in toxic chemicals and acidity or those who engage regularly in INTENSE activity or HEAVY LIFTING “MAY” require some supplementation certain areas.  Highly marketed products like “100% FRUIT CONCENTRATES”, protein powders, pre-workout powders, post workout powders, energy formulas (shots, drinks, powders, etc), body shaping pills and similar products all have their place in the world of money making, with very little validity for the general weight loss population.

In fact, the sugar content of some are exactly the same as drinking a popular soda or eating cotton candy!

Even the world of “protein and energy bars” has become an abused journey misleading countless weight loss individuals to consume HIGH amounts of sugar, chemicals and little fiber all conveniently packaged into a faux-healthy candy bar of sorts.  It is always best to eat REAL food with a significant focus on a VARIETY AND RAINBOW OF VEGGIES at each meal, some lean protein and a little healthy fat.

Aren’t there PRODUCTS that help me lose inches FAST?

There are NO RULES or REGULATIONS governing the supplement industry.  Basically, anyone can CLAIM something works and even lie about the ingredients used.  Some products are applied topically to VISUALLY or TEMPORARILY reduce the appearance of fat, cellulite and bloat.  Aside from surgical procedures, which are often NOT performed without someone first using NUTRITION AND ACTIVITY to reduce their body fat/body weight, there are not magical instruments to becoming physically perfect.

The #1 BEST TOOL to lose body fat and weight is through NUTRITIONAL CHANGE.

We don’t GUARANTEE weight loss, for success is not only in starting a lifestyle change but putting in every effort to making sure you do as recommended based on your individual needs.  What we do provide is:


List of groceries and recommended food / drink / other items

Food preparation ideas

Tools for eating out

Macro timing / fasting and other “popularized” nutritional trends to try

Activity guide

Nutrition Plans Available under SERVICES!



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