The Benefits of Nature: Apple Cider Vinegar

We’ve all been exposed to vinegar in some form or fashion. From pickled veggies to salad dressing to the long-running tradition of home dyed Easter eggs, it is fairly safe to say that the word vinegar has crossed our lips at some point.

Did you know that one specific type of this tangy stuff can almost be termed the “multi-purpose fountain of youth”?  Well, I wouldn’t go THAT far but there is a type of vinegar with such amazing health benefits, you might call it the elixir of the goddesses!

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar has been around for quite some time, dating back to 400 BC.  It is made by pressing the juice from apples, then putting this juice through a fermentation process that creates an “alcohol”.  It is often used for culinary purposes like salads, chutneys, pickling and other food toppers like marinades.  However, it is the cleansing and healing properties of this zesty liquid that has me hooked.

Properties of Use

Right out of the bottle, you can use this refreshing liquid on your skin.  It is ANTI-septic, ANTI-bacterial, ANTI-viral and ANTI-fungal.  I like to use it on my face immediately after I wash my skin.  It is a natural skin toner and pH balancing tool.

It can be consumed to help treat sore throats (bacterial and viral), acne, allergies, candida, rashes, infections and even acidic systems that create a playground for disease growth.  It is believed to be a weapon against the breeding ground for cancer, which thrives in highly acidic environments such as those with a diet of lots of meat, coffee, black tea, alcohol, white foods, processed foods, pasta and other acidic foods.

Drinking 1 Liter of clean filtered H2O upon rising is one of the BEST things you can do for your health each day.  Adding up to 2 TBSP of apple cider vinegar is better!!!!

Studies have linked apple cider vinegar to lower body fat (up to 10%), specifically when consumed prior to each meal.

From a healthy blood level perspective, it is believed to LOWER those nasty bad cholesterols, or LDL while RAISING the GOOD cholesterols, or HDL levels.  Moreover, it is found to benefit those with TYPE II DIABETES by improving the insulin sensitivity when high carbohydrate meals are consumed.

What To Buy

Because apples are touted as one of the most pesticide-ridden mass produced fruits, steering clear of “non-organic” brands would be a prudent suggestion.  Opt for raw, unfiltered and unpasteurized organic apple cider, which is what the old-timers used back in 400 BC before we had mass production units for profit.  These brands will also contain the “Mother” or “Vein of the Mother” or “Vein”, which is really what I term floaters.  These floaters are said to be the magic in the potion!


Drinking about 1-2 TBSP in warm water or room temp water before bed, upon rising and before meals is preferred.  Sipping through a straw can help with any possibility of enamel erosion.  Work up slowly to 1-2 TBSP to allow your body to adjust.  Otherwise, you may experience some side effects like excess gas and bloat.

Remember, nothing happens overnight and consistency is KEY.

As with any lifestyle, dietary or activity change, always consult with your physician before hand!

Enjoy a healthier more vibrant you.

Its never too late!!!!!






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